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Tuesday, July 14, 2015



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CAIRNS AREA LIST                                             BIRDING FESTIVAL August 2014

BIRDING CAIRNS - Sun Jul 19th - West Barron Water Storage. Meet at 0730 at the dirt road 1km past Chettle Road/Lotus Glen turnoff on the Dimbulah road from Mareeba. SUN Aug 2nd - Centenary Lakes walk. Meet at Freshwater Lake, Greenslopes St at 0630. BIRDLIFE NQ See website - for details and other activities.
ESPLANADE NEWS Quite a few GREAT kNOT AND wHIMBREL plus a smattering of other waders. 

LITTLE EAGLE - Luke Jackson,12/7/15 - Feeding on road-kill on the Emerald Creek Road

RED-BACKED KINGFISHER - John Pearson,7/7/15 - On the power lines at the start of Redford Road, Kamerungs (Cairns suburb). FANTAIL CUCKOO - Birding Cairns et al,5/7/15 - Centenary Lakes. GREY GOSHAWK - Pippy Cannon (and John Pearson earlier)5/7/15 - Keeble St near Raintrees shopping centre, Manunda. The birds are seen often in the last few weeks. AUSTRALIAN MUDLARK (80 +) - Mal Macdonald,03/07/15 - corner of Barbetti Rd & Mareeba-Dimbulah Rd, Mutchilba. Perched on power lines. Have been seeing flocks of 30+ in nearby fallow paddocks for about the last six weeks. TOPKNOT PIGEON (40+) - John Seale et al,30/6/15 - Centenary Lakes, flying towards the city centre. The southern boardwalk on the airport road has been re-opened. Dillon Road is about to be disturbed by construction traffic etc.
SATIN FLYCATCHER (1) - Barbara Warren,8/6/15 Pleasant Close, Mareeba GREY FANTAIL - Birding Cairns et al,7/6/15 - centenary lakes. Seen for the last 2 weeks, unusual here. WHITE-BROWED WOODSWALLOWS (30+) - David OBrien,3/6/16 - Western section of Mareeba Wetlands. This flock may have been moving over quite a wide area throughout the day.
MASKED, WHITE-BROWED - John Seale et al,25/05/15 - 1000 hrs, Fantin Road off Koah Road at Koah just west of Kuranda. Feeding in amongst the blossom of flowering paperbarks and Eucalypts. RED-CAPPED DOTTEREL (1) - Mal Macdonald25/05/15 - 0300 hrs, Lotus Glen Correctional Centre, Arriga. Huddled andperhaps a little stunned on concrete walkway inside the prison. Lots ofartificial light here can cause some avian confusion. It didn't seem tomind when I moved it to a more protected area away from stray cats. RESTLESS FLYCATCHER (1) - Barbara Warren21/5/15 Pleasant Close, Mareeba MASKED WOODSWALLOW/ WHITE-BROWED WOODSWALLOW (250)22/5/15 Pleasant Close, Mareeba GREAT-CRESTED GREBE -(1)- Yvonne Cunningham, via Del. Richards.20/05/15-Coquette Point, Johnston River. Very rarely observed in tidal waters. NORTHERN FANTAIL (2) - Mal Macdonald,20/05/15 - 1030 hrs, Snow Baker Bridge, Davies Creek, Kennedy Highway. Pair of birds moving through open woodland adjacent to walking track down to creek. WHITE-BROWED & MASKED WOODSWALLOW (100+) - Mal Macdonald 20/05/15 - 1030 hrs, Snow Baker Bridge, Davies Creek, Kennedy Highway. Perched in gum trees and aerial feeding. Maybe 80% WB. LOVELY FAIRY-WREN - Mal Macdonald20/05/15 - 1430 hrs, Wangetti Beach, southern carpark. Up to half a dozen birds (hard to tell) moving through vine thicket between carpark and beach. MASKED WOODSWALLOW - Mal Macdonald20/05/15 - 1500 hrs, Wangetti Beach. Aerial feeding half way along beach. RED-BACKED KINGFISHER - John Crowhurst & Andy Anderson,16/5/15 - Machan's access road, immediately west of the AFP Dog-training Unit, on small dead trees beside the road. Still there 18/5. (Ed The bird was seen on Wed 20 and today Wed 27th).  MASKED, WHITE-BROWED,WHITE-BREASTED WOODSWALLOW - John Seale et al
18/05/15 - 1000 hrs, Goldsborough Road on the fences and road near the houses opposite the cow paddock near the end of the bitumen. Not in big numbers, maybe 20 birds in all.
15/5/15 - 17.15 hrs, on samphire flats off circular boardwalk at Airport Avenue. Is it unusual to see PGPs this late in the season? (Ed. Yes. There were also 2 birds on the Esplanade on 17/5/15).
BLUE FACED HONEYEATER - David Anderson,14/5/15 -  Thala Beach Lodge. Oak Beach just south of Port Douglas.

Went up to McLeod Falls via Mt Spurgeon Rd today. Up behind Mount Carbine. Been meaning to check it out for many years. Saw a comment from somebody on the internet a few days ago that the road has just been graded and was in the best condition it's been in for years, so thought I'd give it a go. Very steep in short bursts, but no worries for the average 4x4, so if you know anybody who would be interested in that area for birding etc , now's the time, before the track gets crook again. I believe it's often pretty terrible. WHITE-BREASTED SEA EAGLE (1) - Mal Macdonald,09/05/15 - 0700 hrs, Burke Development Rd, on the edge of town, Dimbulah. Adult bird feeding on roadkill wallaby. Presumably same bird previously seen doing this at Mutchilba. WHITE-BROWED, MASKED, WHITE-BREASTED WOODSWALLOW (10+) - Mal Macdonald 09/05/15 - 1730 hrs, Mutchilba, over hay paddock on west side of town. RED-BACKED KINGFISHER (3) - Mal Macdonald,10/05/15 - 0900 hrs, Mulligan Hwy, 5 km south of Mt Carbine. Perched on power lines. SPOTTED PARDALOTE - Mal Macdonald10/05/15 - 1000 hrs, Mt Spurgeon Rd, behind Mt Carbine. Numerous and vocal along the length of the track and along upper McLeod River. MASKED, WHITE-BROWED, BLACK-FACED, WHITE-BREASTED WOODSWALLOW - Mal Macdonald10/05/15 - 1430 hrs, McLeod River crossing, top of Mt Spurgeon Rd, behind Mt Carbine. Mixed flock spread around adjacent woodland. Hard to guess numbers.
AUSTRALIAN PRATINCOLE (3) - Andy Anderson,2/5/15 France road turf farm, Edmonton. At the railway end of the farm.
RUFOUS WHISTLER - Birding Cairns et al,3/5/15 Female (young male?) seen in Centenary Lakes near the mulch dumps. Unusual bird for the Lakes. MASKED WOODSWALLOWS (40+) - Phil Gregory,2/5/15 - with at least 2 White-browed just seen this morning calling and circling high over Cassowary House,Black Mtn Road, Kuranda. only the second time we have ever seen them here MASKED, WHITE-BROWED, & BLACK-FACED WOODSWALLOWS (100+) - Andy Anderson. 29/04/15 – Closehy River Road, near the highway, hundreds have been there for three days. Morning is a good viewing time and they will be perched until maybe 0900. MORE WOODSWALLOWS - Pippy Cannon,25/4/15 - Midge and I saw White-browed and Masked Woodswallows around Mount Mulligan Station. There were several mixed flocks with Black-faced Woodswallows as well.
MASKED/WHITE-BROWED WOODSWALLOWS-(100+)-Del. Richards.24/04/15 - Luster Creek, north of Mt. Molloy, late afternoon. Many yearssince recorded.
BLACK-BREASTED BUZZARD-(1)-Del. Richards.20/04/15 - 20km SE of Highbury Station Homestead, NW of Chillagoe.

Just camped a few nights at Emu Creek Station about 10km west of Dimbulah. Top spot for the savannah suite of birds. Eight bucks per head a night, bush dunny, nice camping sites, deep water pools, nice and quiet. Highly recommended.

RESTLESS FLYCATCHER (1) – Mal Macdonald,22/04/15 – Emu Creek Station campground, west of Dimbulah. Around camp and creekside Melaleucas. Nice close views.
22/04/15 – Emu Creek Station campground, west of Dimbulah. Maybe two thirds 
were Masked. Ariel  feeding then perched I trees beside creek.GREAT BOWERBIRD – Mal Macdonald,22/04/15 – Emu Creek Station campground, west of Dimbulah. Best impersonation of a Whistling Kite I’ve ever heard, right beside the camp and had me repeatedly looking skyward.
LEMON-BELLIED FLYCATCHER – Mal Macdonald,22/04/15 – Emu Creek Station campground, west of Dimbulah. Common and brightly coloured here.
LITTLE BRONZE CUCKOO – Mal Macdonald,22/04/15 – Emu Creek Station campground, west of Dimbulah. Numerous and relatively approachable around creekside Melaleucas and camping area. Presumably interested in locally common White-breasted and Large-billed Gerygones. Also Brush and (blurred glimpse of) Oriental Cuckoo.
SATIN FLYCATCHER (1) male, David Anderson,23/4/15 Thala Beach Lodge
BARKING OWL - Andy & David Anderson, John Pearson,17/4/15 - Immature at Ksban Rd Reserve.
PIED HERON (2) - Andy, Darren, and Frank,19/4/15 - On the E nesr the Pelicans. Obviously lost.
WHITE-BROWED CRAKE - David & Andy Anderson.,20/4/15 - At Vic's pond. 2 heard, 1 flushed.
BLUE-FACED PARROT-FINCH (1) - Mal Macdonald,10/04/15 - 1700 hrs, off Plath Rd, on the first  track to the right into Herberton Range Conservation Park, about half way between creek crossing
and Drovers Lookout sign. Lone (presumed male) bird feeding on rank grass seeds amongst roadside lantana thickets. Able to watch at close range for quarter of an hour.
KING QUAIL (1) – Mal Macdonald,08/04/15  - 0130 hrs, Lotus Glen Correctional Centre, Arriga. Lone female with plenty of bare skin on head (from pecking?) squatting on concrete walkway and apparently unconcerned by repeated pedestrian activity. Stayed for an hour.
YELLOW-BILLED SPOONBILL (2) - Mal Macdonald,07/04/15 - 1000 hrs, Lake Evan, corner of Mulligan Hwy & Brady Rd, north of Mareeba. Perched in dead tree over the dam, in the company of a Royal Spoonbill.
VARIED SITTELLA  (3) - Mal Macdonald,07/04/15 - 1015 hrs, Hodzic Rd, north of Mareeba. In woodland near the roadside just before the State Forest signs.
GREY WHISTLER (2) - Mal Macdonald,07/04/15 - 1100 hrs, Oaky Creek bridge, Hodzic Rd, north of Mareeba. Calling frequently from in the low canopy of riparian forest. Also Cicadabird and Fairy Gerygone.
WHITE-BROWED ROBIN - Mal Macdonald,07/04/15 - 1140 hrs, Oaky Creek bridge, Hodzic Rd. Only able to get good extended views of one bird, but several others called often from both up and down stream of the bridge.
CLAMOROUS REED WARBLER (2) - Dirna & Ron Elsdon (?)1/4/15 - Cattana Wetlands, Yorkey's Knob., s.e. corner of 2nd pond on the left (Cuckoo Lake). They just arrived this week. NOT an April Fool's joke as I saw them myself
COLLARD SPARROWHAWK (1) - Mal Macdonald01/04/15 - 1810 hrs, Sandy Tate River. Thirty minutes walk downstream from the crossing camp area.  Juvenile, hunting low over surface of waterhole
and through low riverside paperbarks. Seemed quite curious of swimmers and perched very close to observe us for 10 minutes.
BUDGERIGAR (1) - Mal Macdonald29/03/15 - 1800 hrs, Dimbulah. Lone bird flying around my neighbourhoodfor a short while before heading back towards the woodland whence itcame. Appeared to be a wild bird to me. Have occasionally seen them inlow numbers around the area.
24/03/15(1600)- I saw two Spotted Whistling Ducks about 30 m North of the war cemetery in Cairns cemetery. I spotted them from the road that goes
through the cemetery - they were sitting low down on a liana next to the

seasonal wetland. I approached them to get some photos, and they retreated

into the water, and then into the Phragmites reeds. This may be the first recorded sighting of this species in this location.
GREAT-BILLED HERON - Andy Anderson24/03/15 - Confluence of Lily and Saltwater Creeks, fishing midstream, 0710 hrs. For the 3rd time this year.
GREAT CRESTED GREBE (3) - Mal Macdonald24/03/15 - 1830 hrs, West Barron Storage Dam, Chettle Rd, Arriga.
JABIRU (2) - Mal Macdonald24/03/15 - 1830 hrs, West Barron Storage Dam, Chettle Rd, Arriga. M & F
wading in spoon drain between dam wall and sugar cane field.
RUFOUS OWL - The bird in the Ports Ath tree has been seen regularly and it was reported that it may have a socket for a right eye.
PAPUAN FROGMOUTH - There was a dead bird under our new found tree opposite he Choral Society. The adults have been seen perched in the mangroved to the north of the Saltwater Lkae footbridge.
CRESTED SHRIKE-TIT (2) - Mal Macdonald,20.03.15 - 1615 hrs, Springvale Rd, Wondecla. Over the cattle grid, into State Forest, 100 metres along road to second signed walking track on the
right. Followed lone bird for 15 minutes as it probed bark on tree trunks. Lost it for awhile,  then found again in head high understorey. Later joined a second bird in gum tree canopy and both flew away.
GREY GOSHAWK (1) - Mal Macdonald,20.03.15 - 1745 hrs, Springvale Rd, Wondecla. Grey morph. Great view. Perched about 4 metres away, 3 metres high, checked each other out for some time.
LITTLE LORIKEET (10+) - Mal Macdonald,20.03.15 - 1745 hrs, Springvale Rd, Wondecla. Feeding in canopy of gum trees.
BLACK BITTERN (1) - Mal Macdonald19/03/15 - 1545 hrs, Emu Creek, 30 k west of Dimbulah, Bourke Dev Rd. Lone juvenile, here beside the causeway most days recently. Also Nankeen Night Heron (2), Pacific Baza, Cicadabird.
LITTLE BRONZE CUCKOO (1) - Mal Macdonald,19/03/15 - 1700 hrs, Emu Creek, 30 k west of Dimbulah, Bourke Dev Rd. Juvenile bird feeding on caterpillars in Melaleuca leucadendron canopy in
close association with a pair of Fairy Gerygones.
SHINING FLYCATCHERS (2 females) - Andy Anderson,10/3/15 - Saltwater Lake. Not recorded there for ?years?
TORRESIAN PIGEONS - local population decreased by nearly 80% this morning.11/3/15 - About 50 seen on my walk this morning c/f 200+ on the 10th. Amazing what a favourable wind can do at the right time of yesr
.DOLLARBIRDS (2) - Andy Anderson,14/03/15 - Little St, not recorded on my daily walks these last 8 months.
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOOS (50+) - Andy Anderson,14/03/15 - 0730 hrs. Saltwater Ck, by the concrete footbridge, milling ,about the area.
BOOBOOK OWL (1) - Mal Macdonald,11/03/15 - 1900 hrs. Emerald Creek Falls picnic area.
LITTLE KINGFISHER (1) - Dom Chaplin,10/3/15 - Caffiend Café - Grafton St arcade. Single bird surprisingly flew indoors, perched on a speaker for a while before flying back out, without ordering so much as a flat white. (Perhaps not a reliable site to view this uncommon species). (Ed.Norton Gill's car mechanic in Water St often sees a LK in his workshop)
WHITE-BREASTED SEA EAGLE (1) - Mal Macdonald,09/03/15 - 1800 hrs. Mutchilba, corner of Algoma & Mareeba-Dimbulah Roads. Adult bird  standing on  top of a roadkill wallaby, feeding, in the centre of the highway.
GREY GOSHAWK - Jonathan Munro.,07/03/15 - (18:10hrs)  Large female carrying adult male Superb Fruit-dove low over my lawn at Ravenshoe.
RED-FOOTED BOOBY - Birdlife NQ pelagic trip,8/3/15 - Single bird perched ai the front of one of the tenders moored at Michalmas cay. Good views had from a thanks to the skill of the Seastar skipper.
BARKING OWL (1) - Mal Macdonald,08/03/15 - 220 hrs, Lotus Glen Correctional Centre, Arriga. Perched onstreet light. Swept down onto lawn for unidentified prey items.
OWLET NIGHTJAR - John Seale,5/3/15 (0930) - Emerald Creek Falls picnic area. Just before the furthest picnic table are 2 large boulders on the grass. Stand with your back to the boulders facing the creek. See a large grey gum leaning right. Approx 4 m high on the trung see a 30cm square hole. The bird was perched at this hole for over an hour.
WHITE-BROWED CRAKE (1) - Mal Macdonald27/02/15 - 1845 hrs. West Barron Storage Dam, Chettle Rd, Arriga. In andout of rank vegetation along lake.
BARKING OWL (1) - Mal Macdonald01/03/15 -  2000 hrs. Dimbulah. Sitting atop a power pole next to my front gate, making low contact call.
BUSTARD (30+) - Mal Macdonald 02/03/15 - 0645 hrs.  Corner of Dimbulah-Mareeba Rd and Borzi Rd. Largeconcentrated group in ex-diesel tree paddocks, recently re-sown withlegumes(?). Ranged from latest season's chicks to mature birds in well coloured breeding plumage.  Can see plenty of birds more thinly spread between here and Dimbulah almost any day. Often on the roadway or verge.
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO  (1) - Mal Macdonald
04/03/15 - 0700 hrs. Cardwell. Bird calling from backyard along Bruce
highway, near the pub.
GREAT-BILLED HERON(1), Common Sandpiper(1),Little,Collared and Sacred Kingfishers (1 of each) - Sandra Christensen and Ceri Pearce,22nd Feb 2015 - Liverpool Creek at Cowley Beach
BLACK BITTERN - Birding Cairns et al,1/3/15 - Freshwater Lake on Greenslopes St. One also seen in the lake in the Anderson Street bush next the Ambulance station.
ORIENTAL CUCKOO - Anne and David Anderson,28/2/15 Boar Pocket Rd, the road going to the cathedral Fig tree on the tableland.
SARUS CRANE (1) - Anne and David Anderson,28/2/15 Yungaburra  Flying over town center.
BLACK BITTERN (1) - Mal Macdonald
23/02/15 - 1800 hrs, Emu Creek, 5 km west of Petford towards Irvinebank. Perched in paperbarks over flooded creek.
LITTLE KINGFISHER - Jude Freisen via Andy Anderson,16/2/15 - Western arm of Freshwater Lake, near the boardwalk extension.
BLACK BITTERN - Norton Gill and Andy Anderson,24/2/15 - Flying over Lakes area toward Freshwater Lake.
RED-NECKED CRAKE - Andy Anderson,25/2/15 - Calling from behind the Revival Centre, by Cairns Cemetery
GREAT-BILLED HERON - Andy A & Jude F,23/02/15 - 0630, North end of Lily Ck, feeding around the confluence with Saltwater Ck. Use the Greenslopes entrance.
KING QUAIL (1) - Mal Macdonald,22/02/15 - 0100 hrs, Lotus Glen CC, Arriga. Lone female trotting along a concrete walkway.
LITTLE BITTERN (1) - Mal Macdonald,22/02/15 - 1825 hrs, West Barron Storage Dam, Chettle Rd, Arriga. Lone bird flushed from rank grass along dam wall. Flew across the lake to reed beds. Also (presumed Latham's) Snipe flushed nearby.
GALAH (15) - Mal Macdonald,22/02/15 - 1850 hrs, West Barron Storage Dam, Chettle Rd, Arriga. Roosting in row of gum trees along the access track off Dimbulah-Mareeba Rd.
PAPUAN FROGMOUTH - John seale,21/2/15 - Another roost tree found in the area opposite the Choral Society building on Greenslopes St.
SPOTTED WHISTLE DUCK (2) - Jude Friesen,16/2/15 - Freshwater Lake in Centenary lakes Greenslopes St. Birds seen approx 1800 hrs.
FRIGATE BIRD? (4) - John Seale et al16/2/15 - Flying above Yorkey's Knob Yacht Club. Couldn't I/D species 'cos I didn't have my bins on the lunch table.
BLACK-THROATED FINCH(10+) - Birding Cairns et al15/02/15 -On Fassio Road just west of Mareeba. Birds seen in roadside trees approx 200m south of Sandy Creek.  (We had NO rain ).
BLACK-THROATED FINCH(80+) - Del. Richards.09/02/15- Surprising large flock near Lake Mitchell.
RED-TAILED BLACK COCKATOO (30+) - John Seale6/2/15 - Forsyth Road off northern part of Marks's Lane, Atherton Tableland.
DOLLARBIRD (1) – Greg BortolussiJan 15th 1500 - Anderson Road Precinct Woree
FORK-TAILED SWIFT (10+) & White-throated Needletail (4+) – Greg BortolussiJan 17th 0945 Port Douglas Turn-off. Flying low over the rainforest of Crees creek.
FORK-TAILED SWIFT (100+) – Greg Bortolussi
Jan 17th 1300 Yule Point. Large flock may have had a few White-throated Needletail present but not absolutely sure. The most of the flock appeared to harass an Osprey when it flew into their midst. The flock was working the slope above Cook Highway. Storms were building.
BEACH STONE CURLEW (1)  – Greg Bortolussi.Jan 17th 0900 Ellis Beach. Roosting on beach near creek outfall near surf club.
BEACH STONE CURLEW (1)  – Greg Bortolussi.Jan 17th 1325 Pretty Beach. Appears to be nesting beneath a Casuarina tree.
sOOTY oYSTERCACTHER (2) – Greg Bortolussi.Jan 17th 1500 northern end of Ellis beach roosting on the sand.
CRESTED TERNS (50+)  – Greg Bortolussi.Jan 17th – Yule Point. ca 0920 Some appeared to be hawking for insects around the mangroves and others were chasing small fish on the surface.
UNIDENTIFIED GULL-LIKE BIRD (1) – Greg Bortolussi ,Jan 17th ca 0915 Pretty Beach. Only a fleeting glimpse due to traffic. May pay to keep an eye out along our beaches and harbours. Appeared quite dark brown and about the size of a Pacific Gull.
PIED IMPERIAL PIGEON (31,609)- Dominic Chaplin et al,16/01/15 - Low Isles.
ORIENTAL CUCKOO (1)- Dominic Chaplin.14/01/15 - Chewko Rd, Mareeba
SARUS CRANE (7) + BROLGA (8) - Dominic Chaplin.14/01/15 - Chewko Rd, Mareeba. Mainly Young birds. Must have decided not to go to the Gulf for Christmas.
RUFF + RED-RUMPED SWALLOWS - John Cantelo via Phil Gregory
Great looks a Ruff at Lake Tinaroo, Yungaburra, FNQ this afternoon, at the end of Harper Road on the mudbank opposite and to the right, actually an aus-tick for me though I saw one in PNG years ago. Then 10 Red-rumped Swallows on power lines by the motel at Tinaburra boat ramp, will post photos to Birdforum and ABID when we get the power back here (after a huge fig fell down this morning and took out the lines) Be good to try and get which subspecies these Red-rumps belong to, they are quite well-streaked
dark on the chest, unstreaked on the belly,  have quite pale but not whitish underwing coverts, and lack a red collar; call the usual "sweik" note of many Red-rumped taxa.

Thanks to Alan Gillanaders for the news and coming with us this afternoon, but no sign of the putative LRP, just lots of Black-fronted Dots and a couple of Red-kneed.

RUFF - Alan Gillanders07/01/15 - Harper Avenue, Yungaburra. Also a probable Little Ringed Plover
glimpsed briefly.
 NOISY PITTA - Del. Richards.01/01/15 - Mitchell River, calling nine kilometres South of Cooktown Crossing.
18/12/14 - Cattana Wetlands, Kingfisher Lake. (Ed Note - These birds seem to be scarce recently).
SPOTTED WHISTLE DUCKS (12) - David & Ann Anderson, Doug Armstrong, Andy Anderson.
14/12/14 - Keatings Lagoon, nr Cooktown; beside the bird hide.
COMMON BRONZEWING (12) - David & Ann Anderson, Doug Armstrong, Andy Anderson.
14/12/14 On Battle Camp Rd, Lakefield NP
BLACK-BREASTED BUZZARD - David & Ann Anderson, Doug Armstrong, Andy Anderson.
14/12/14 On Battle Camp Rd, Lakefield NP
SQUARE-TAILED KITE - David & Ann Anderson, Doug Armstrong, Andy Anderson.
14/12/14 Horseshoe Lagoon, Lakefield NP
GOLDEN-SHOULDERED PARROT (nil) - David & Ann Anderson, Doug Armstrong, Andy Anderson.
13/12/14 Artemis Station; rained out, dipped out, soaked to the skin.
BANDED HONEYEATERS (several) - David & Ann Anderson, Doug Armstrong, Andy Anderson.
14/12/14 On Battle Camp Rd & at Horseshoe Lagoon, Lakefield NP
BLACK-BACKED BUTCHERBIRDS (several) - David & Ann Anderson, Doug Armstrong, Andy Anderson.13-14/12/14 From Laura north to Artemis Station.
SPOTTED WHISTLING DUCK (2) - Tony Jurgensen04/12/14 - Eubenenagee Swamp National Park. Turn off the Brampstone Beach road.Telescope required
SPOTTED WHISTLE DUCK - In Jabiru Lake, the largest Cattan lake.13/12/14 - Various Birdlife persons.
RUFOUS OWL - John Seale6/12/14 - In the fig at SE corner of Grafton/Hartley St outside the Port Aothority bldg. Was ther at noon and also yesterday.
SHINING FLYCATCHER - Cairns Birding et al21/12/14 - Yorkeys Knob golf lagoon, Wattle St. Birds building a nest.
LITTLE CORELLA (4) - Cairns Birding et al21/12/14 - Yorkeys Knob golf lagoon, Wattle St.
GREY GOSHAWK (1) - Stan Emmerson18/12/14 - Mount Sheridan Metallic Starling nesting rookery of over 100 birds (at rear of my place). Saw it pull baby out of nest & stay on top of nest for 30 minutes eating it.
BROWN GOSHAWK (Immature) (1) - Stan Emmerson19/12/14 - Mount Sheridan Metallic Starling nesting rookery.  Watched it pull juvenile through middle of a nest by the rump & slowly eat it over a 45 minute period with the bird flapping its wings.
WANDERING WHISTLE DUCK (5) - Jude Friesen8/12/14 - Cattana Wetlands, Kingfisher Lake. (Ed Note - These birds seem to be scarce recently).
SPOTTED WHISTLE DUCKS (12) - David & Ann Anderson, Doug Armstrong, Andy Anderson.
14/12/14 - Keatings Lagoon, nr Cooktown; beside the bird hide.
COMMON BRONZEWING (12) - David & Ann Anderson, Doug Armstrong, Andy Anderson.
14/12/14 On Battle Camp Rd, Lakefield NP
BLACK-BREASTED BUZZARD - David & Ann Anderson, Doug Armstrong, Andy Anderson.
14/12/14 On Battle Camp Rd, Lakefield NP
SQUARE-TAILED KITE - David & Ann Anderson, Doug Armstrong, Andy Anderson.
14/12/14 Horseshoe Lagoon, Lakefield NP
GOLDEN-SHOULDERED PARROT (nil) - David & Ann Anderson, Doug Armstrong, Andy Anderson.
13/12/14 Artemis Station; rained out, dipped out, soaked to the skin.
BANDED HONEYEATERS (several) - David & Ann Anderson, Doug Armstrong, Andy Anderson.
14/12/14 On Battle Camp Rd & at Horseshoe Lagoon, Lakefield NP
BLACK-BACKED BUTCHERBIRDS (several) - David & Ann Anderson, Doug Armstrong, Andy Anderson.13-14/12/14 From Laura north to Artemis Station.
SPOTTED WHISTLING DUCK (2) - Tony Jurgensen04/12/14 - Eubenenagee Swamp National Park. Turn off the Brampstone Beach road.Telescope required
SPOTTED WHISTLE DUCK - In Jabiru Lake, the largest Cattan lake.13/12/14 - Various Birdlife persons.
RUFOUS OWL - John Seale,6 /12/14 - In the fig at SE corner of Grafton/Hartley St outside the Port
Aothority bldg. Was ther at noon and also yesterday.


 The SPOTTED WHISTLE DUCK record wad seen in Jabiru Lake, the largest.has anyone else seen them sincw?/ - Jude
RUFOUS OWL - John Seale6/12/14 - In the fig at SE corner of Grafton/Hartley St outside the Port Aothority bldg. Was ther at noon and also yesterday.
BANDED HONEYEATER(1) Barbara Warren3/12/2014 Pleasant Close, Mareeba
SOOTY OYSTER-CATCHER -(1) - Del. Richards.02/12/14- On rocky shoreline north of Ellis Beach. This observer's first local record.
LESSER CRESTED TERN - 20+ - Del. Richards.03/12/2014- Mossman River on sand spit at mouth. Uncommon visitor.
SOTTED WHITLE DUCK - Jude28/11/14 - Cattana Wetlands. several birds seen on Western side of Pelican lake.E-bird records of same species seen at Wongaling Beach, Mission Beach
BUFF-BREASTED PARADISE K/F - John Seale1/12/14 - Lake Morris road, Kanimbla lots of birds bird calling.
BUFF-BREASTED PARADISE K'FISH - Graham Snell,Christine/Larry28/11/14 - Owl roost tree crn Abbott & Florence, Cairns CBD
LITTLE EAGLE (1) - Dominic Funnell28/11/14 - single bird drifting low over Cattana at 0830 being mobbed by Masked Lapwings and Magpie-larks
BLUE-FACED HONEYEATER (1) - Dominic Funnell29/11/14 - single around Caravonica for a couple of weeks now, not sure if this is really of note but I have not seen one on the coastal lowlands before so thought I would mention it.
WHITE-THROATED NEEDLETAIL - Heather Winsor,10/11/14 - A few birds at Mckenzies Pocket, Black Mtn Road, Kuranda.
9/11/14, High tide roost, Daintree River Outlet - Andy, Dave, & Ann Anderson; Cath Hirsch.
LITTLE TERN, non-breeding  (30)
FAIRY TERN, breeding condition (2)
LESSER CRESTED TERN, breeding plumage (7)
GREATER CRESTED TERN, non-breeding (15)
plus several other waders.
GOLDEN PLOVER (9) - Andy Anderson & Tony Bischoff6/11/2014 - Yorkeys Knob Road. Same paddock as Orientals were.
GOLDEN PLOVER (42) - Andy Anderson & Tony Bischoff6/11/2014 - Barron Mouth. Total of 51 for the day.
ROSEATE TERN  - Andy Anderson 6/11/2014 - Barron Mouth.
WHITE-WINGED TRILLER  - Andy Anderson 6/11/2014 - Gardens saltwater lake, by goshawk tree, in breeding plumage.
RUFF (1) - Dominic Funnell06/11/2014 - single bird at the north end of the Esplanade at approx 1130 this
BANDED LAPWING- (2) Dominic Funnell05/11/2014 Captain Cook Highway opposite Go Kart track south of Yorkeys Knob. Both birds showing close to the cane railway this afternoon
BARN SWALLOW - (1) Dominic Funnell05/11/2014 Yorkeys Knob Golf Course. One this afternoon with Welcome Swallows feeding over the small pond at the end of Wattle Street
RED-TAILED COCKATOO (up to 5)  - Andy Anderson Last 2 weeks  - regular along Little St, morning and late afternoon.
Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher (2) – Robyn Lowth2/11/14 – Beatrice Rd, Stewart Creek Rd, Daintree Valley
LATHAM SNIPE(1), LITTLE EAGLE(4), DOLLARBIRD(2) Sandra, Ceri and Peter from Yungaburra
2/11/14 - Hasties Swamp bird hide.
RUFOUS OWL (1) - Stan Emmerson
31/10/14 - 15Km from Lakeland towards Laura.  In tree by road being dive bombed by honeyeaters.
BANDED LAPWING (2) - Andy Anerson/John Seale/Dawn Magarry1/11/2014 - Captain Cook Highway opposite Go Kart track south of Yorkeys Knob. The birds were 5 metres from the bitumen.
BUFF-BREASTED PARADISE K/F - Kingfisher Park,1/11/14 - First return noticed at Kingfisher Park, Julatten
ORIENTAL CUCKOO (1) - David Anderson,31/10/14 - Thala Beach Lodge Oak Beach.  First return here.
BEACH STONE CURLEW - Pippy cannon,31/10/14 - I have seen 1 Beach Stone Curlew several times in the morning On the Cairns Esplanade lately. Yesterday he was right up on the northern end  at 7am.
Tide was running out. He ( if its the same one) has also been on the mud outside Muddies and near Charles st!
DOLLAR BIRD – Greg Bortolussi,31/10/2014(1310) - Deep Creek, Cook Highway JUST NORTH OF kEWARRA bEACH ROUNDABOUT.
 ORIENTAL PLOVER(2) - Dominic Funnell,29/10/2014 - Yorkeys Knob Road. Taking the children into school this morning two Oriental Plovers adjacent to the road in newly harvested cane field. Unfortunately as was taking car to garage had no camera with me!
RED-TAILED BLACK COCKATOO (11) - Cath at Gordonvale,27/10/14 - 6:15 am sitting in gum beside my home.
27/10/14 - yearly migration with small flocks feeding in flowering black bean.
BRUSH CUCKOO – Cath at Gordonvale,27/10/14 - Calling ALL night from our bottom paddock.
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO (4) – Greg Bortolussi,26/10/2014 0700 Anderson Road Precinct Woree. Appear to be having a very noisy territorial dispute.
SQUARE-TAILED KITE – Graham Winterflood et al,19/10/2014 - Springvale Road on Cairns Birds outing Sunday, circling over treetops for some time, sighted by all.
BANDED LAPWING - Dominic Funnell,19/10/2014 - Captain Cook Highway opposite Go Kart track south of Yorkeys Knob.
GREY PLOVER - The 4 o'clock Club,29/9/14 - Esplanade. A single bird .
GREY PLOVER - David Anderson5/10/14 - Redden Island .Probable same bird seen 29/9/14 on the Esplanade.
5/10/14 - Redden Island .Near end of road.
GREY PLOVER - The 4 o'clock Club,29/9/14 - Esplanade. A single bird .
RADJAH SHELDUCK - John Seale et al,23-30/9/14 - Another hatching of 10 ducklings,on the saltwater lake in the Cent Lakes area. What a wonderful addition to the lakes area in the last 3-years.
COMMON KOEL - Mal Macdonald,21/09/14 - Dimbulah. Calling from tree line along the Walsh River and suburban back yards. My first sighting for the season. Should be seen and heard every day now (as are Channel-billed Cuckoo and Cicadabird).
24/9/14 - Redden Island, Machan's Beach. Not ofter seen oin this location.
BLACK-THROATED FINCH (12) - David Anderson,21/9/14 - Burnt grass area around Big Mitchell Creek.
LATHAM'S SNIPE - John Pearson et al,21/9/14 - Cattana Wetlands in the area where one leaves the track for the southern hide.
INDIAN MYNA (2) - Mal Macdonaldm13/09/14 - Park Lane, Dimbulah. After living in Dimbulah for 3 years, this is my first (regrettable) sighting of mynas. Previously I've not seen them any further west along Mareeba-Dimbulah Road than the Borzi Rd intersection (halfway between the two towns).
LARGE-TAILED NIGHTJAR (2) - Mal Macdonald,13/09/14 - Redden Island, Cairns. One bird flying under Cory trees and a second bird calling (unseen) from another tree a few metres west, at dusk.
PIED CURRAWONG (4) - Sandra Christensen,14/09/14=Noon, Cardwell, just behind the beach in Coral Sea Memorial Park
KOEL (1) – Greg Bortolussi,11/09/14 (ca. 20:00) Anderson Rd Precinct Woree. Has been calling at night a fair bit around the area
ROSE-CROWNED FRUIT DOVE - Pippy Cannon,8/9/14 (0730) - Female Rosecrowned Fruit Dove upon her nest on northern end of Esplanade.
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO  (1) - Mal Macdonald,04/9/14 - 0700 hrs, Dimbulah. Lone bird in nearby back yard. Calling loudly, but no reply as far as I could hear. My first Dimbulah CBC for the season.

The Rufous owls have been quite regular near the Esplanade lagoon in one of 2 separate trees and the Ports Authority tree.

GREATER CRESTED GREBE (4) - Mal Macdonald,26/08/14 - 1815 hours, West Barron Catchment Dam. Corner of Dimbulah - Mareeba Rd & Chettel Rd.
CRANES (80+) - Mal Macdonald,26/08/14 - 1815 hours, West Barron Catchment Dam. Several groups of mainly Brolgas flying into the reed beds to roost for the night. Some Sarus Cranes too, but failing light made it hard to differentiate.
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO (1) - Mal Macdonald,29/08/14 - 1820 hours, Mason Street, Mareeba. Lone bird flying and calling overhead. My first for the season. No sightings yet at home in Dimbulah.

The Rufous owl has been quite regular near the Esplanade lagoon in one of 2 separate trees. A pile of white feathers (PIP?) has been found under the Ports Authority tree but no owl recently.

KOEL –  Andy Anderson24/8/14  - One calling along Lily Ck in the morning; first of the season?
WHITE WINGED TRILLER (1) David Anderson22/8/14 Cairns Cemetery
BARRED CUCKOO SHRIKE (2) David Anderson22/8/14 Centenary Lakes
BLACK BUTCHERBIRD (1) - Barbara Warren19/08/2014, Pleasant Close, Mareeba
VARIED SITELLA -(4)- Del. Richards.18/08/14  -  Holmes Creek, near Mt. Carbine.
RED-BROWED PARDALOTE -(1)- Del. Richards,18/08/14 - Holmes Creek near Mt. Carbine.
COMMON SANDPIPER -(1)- Del. Richards. 16/08/14 - Port Douglas.
LATHAM'S SNIPE-(1)- DEL. Richards.16/08/14 -Julatten.
BROWN BOOBY - Recent sightings close to sure from cairns leads and Brampstone Beach
PIED IMPERIAL PIGEON (2) –  Graham Winterflood, 17/8/14  - A pair seen flying south along the Esplanade in the vicinity of the Hospital at around 5:30 pm.
CURLEW SANDPIPER (4) - Andy Anderson & Brian Venables14/8/14 - Cairns Esplanade, coming out of breeding plumage (one without) and feeding voraciously c/f other shorebirds that were preening and resting.Is it the start of the new arrivals?
RUFOUS OWL - Overseas birder.15/8/14 - A new location. In a large fig tree near the rear of the Cairns
Convention Centre and in front of the Ports Authority building. Look for the white poo marks on the pavement.
PIED IMPERIAL PIGEON (6) - NSW birders15/8/14 - Cairns Esplanade. Birds seen flying south over the street area.
PIED CURRAWONG (2+) - John Seale15/8/14 - At least 2 birds heard on the lower parts of Lake Morris Road, Kanimbla.
RUFOUS OWL - 4 O'CLOCK cLUB (Has been quite regular in the last week).26/7/14 - High in the large Mango tree diaganolly opposite McDonalds Esplanade and above the 2 Telstra phone booths or in the large fig tree just south of the toilet and office area on the other side of the footpath.
ROYAL SPOONBILL )9) - Pippi Cannon14/07/14 (0730) -  On northern paddock Lake Street near the new aiport access road.

After a short illness, Win Filewood passed away on 7 January 2014 at the age of 78. Win was well known in bird banding circles in NSW and Victoria and served as President of the Australian Bird Study Assocn.  in 1979 and 1980.

RUFOUS OWL - 4 O'CLOCK cLUB (Has been quite regular in the last week).
18/7/14 - High in the large Mango tree diaganolly opposite McDonalds Esplanade and above the 2 Telstra phone booths or in the large fig tree just south of the toilet and office area on the other side of the footpath.
BROWN GOSHAWK - John Seale,18/7/14 - In last muddy area on south side of Tingara Rd, Portsmith. The bird perched in a low leafless tree after being scolded by several species. It then dropped into a low bush for about a minute. It flew back to the tree and 3 mins later a Bush Stone Curlew walked out of the small bush. Did the hawk know about the Stone Curlew??
ROYAL SPOONBILL )9) - Pippi Cannon,14/07/14 (0730) -  On northern paddock Lake Street near the new aiport access road.
GREY GOSHAWK - Tony Nielsen,6/7/14 - Flying back and forth with nesting material to the nest in the large paperbark tree to the north of the Saltwater Lake in the Lakes area on Greenslopes St.
COTTON PYGMY-GOOSE (2) - Barbara Warren,29/06/2014 Pleasant Close, Mareeba

WINTER VISITORS. - Now that the Tablelands are getting colder we may expect some birds to come down to the coast. Look out for Olive-backed orioles, Black-faced Cuckoo Shrikes and Pied Currawongs and others.

LITTLE BITTERN - John Pearson,17/6/14 - Cattana Wetlands, Yorkey's Knob. From the bird hide at the south end of the biggest lake.
The food plant eaten by the B/F Parrot Finches near Sides Road Julatten is a Tropical Wild Petunia, Stephanophysum longifolia from S.America in the Acanthaceae family. Thanks to Heather Winsor for the info.
12/6/14 - Lake Morris road (Copperlode dam) about 10 kms from the bottom.
AUSTRALIAN PRATINCOLE (20+) - John Seale/Andy Anderson,05/6/14 - Forsyth Road off Mark's Lane near Atherton
RUFOUS OWL - Greg Bortolussi,2/6/14 - In Fig trees north of Fogarty Park near council buildings on Esplanade South, Cairns.
BROWN SONGLARK - Del Richards.28/5/14 - Female on fence at East Mary Farms Road, Mary Farms. Observers first record since drought of 2002/3
LITTLE BITTERN - John Pearson.2/6/14 - Cattana Wetlands, Yorkey's Knob. From the bird hide at the south end of the biggest lake.
AUSTRALIAN PELICAN (40+) - John Seale.26/5/14 - Dunne Road park between service Stn and the Dunne Rd turnoff on Yorkey's Knob Road,cairnss
SPOTLESS CRAKE - Mark Carter (visiting Alice Springs bird guide) via Andy Anderson;
24/5/14 - Centenary Lakes, calling from nth side of freshwater lake after sunset.
SUPERB FRUIT DOVE - Mark Carter (visiting Alice Springs bird guide) via Andy Anderson;
24/5/14 - Centenary Lakes, flew into fruiting fig by the concrete footbridge, after sunset.

And a not-so-recent sighting -
CRANES (12-15) - Andy & David Anderson28/4/14 - South end of Mark's Lane, actually s. of the highway. Didn't stop so no species ascertained. Not seen since after several passes of the same place.
LITTLE CORELLA - (5) - John Seale/Andy Anderson22/5/14 - With a 20+ group of Sulphur Crested Cockys and a lone Grey goshawk ixed up in the general flock.

The 6 lakes at Cattana now have been given bird names. Signs and maps will be changed in the next few months. All lakes have been given English and some aboriginal names of the birds.

BROWN QUAIL (2) - John Seale.17/5/14 - Far end paddock at end of Lake St, near airport road. The grass is VERY long.
STRIATED PARDALOTE - Denis Walls and Stella Martin,7/5/14 - It flew into our front room in Whitfield. It's the first time ever that we have seen one in this area.
SHARP TAILED SANDPIPER(33) - David Anderson,28/4/14 - France Road Turf Farm  Edmonton
PIED IMPERIAL PIGEON - John Seale3/4/14 - These birds are quickly reducing in numbers. Maybe we could get some records of the LAST sightings of PIP's and also the Buff-Breasted  K/F
Also any other moratory movements of our local birds.
LATHAM'S SNIPE - John Seale30/3/14 - Grassy paddock opposite the muddy flat on Tingira Rd, Portsmith.
WHITE-THROATED NEEDLETAIL (1) – Greg Bortolussi27/03/14 1830 Flying North over Anderson Road Woree.I may have spotted a Red-rumped Swallow in the same location flying with a group of Welcome Swallows a few days ago in the rainy weather. I only had a fleeting glimpse but did see the red backside and bluish back as it turned about 15m away.
SACRED KINGFISHER (1) Norman Reef, 25/03/14 - Great Adventures Pontoon. Resting migrant going to PNG? This reef is nearly 40 km's from the mainland.
Ed. These birds visit the Cairns Esplanade in winter but have already been seen a few weeks earlier
EASTERN YELLOW WAGTAIL -  Frank Harrison  22/3/14   Cairns Airport on short grasslands
LITTLE KINGFISHER - Tom Collis 13/03/14 - Sitting on the ground at the front of the Cairns Airport Domestic Terminal - near the silver sculptures. It flew off when I checked to see if it was OK
Also a report from a friend Denis McDougall who works on the Coral Princess 11.
FOREST KINGFISHER (1) and a SUPERB FRUIT DOVE (1) both landed on the deck of the Coral Princess 11 at Ribbon Reef No 3.
This reef is nearly 60 km's from the mainland east of Cooktown. 15/03/14
STUBBLE QUAIL (3) - Norton Gill 4/3/14 - Duffy Road (not signposted). This is an 800m long dirt road
beside the cricket pitch next to Kairi primary school. Birds seen from the vehicle just walking/feeding on the earth tracks of the very grassy road.
(Ed I saw 3 today 7/Mar, about 0845. I walked along the road and had scope views of them feeding/walking. A Lifer for me!!).
There was a report of these birds at the State farm near here in March 2012.

SHINING FLYCATCHER - Pippy cannon,26/02/14    6.30am - Female Shining Flycatcher. Very high tide just over bridge Redden Creek.
GREY GOSHWK (white form) - David Anderson24/2/14 Centenary Lakes, Greenslopes St
BLACK-FRONTED DOTTEREL (2) Graham Snell.20/2/14 - .Feeding along flowingchannel at Edmonton turf farm with twowell  grown chicks
RED-TAILED BLACK COCKATOO (24) - Lyn Honeyman 20/2/14 - In the trees along the Esplanade at Machan's at about 7.30 this morning,
Brown Goshawk (1) Norton Gill. 19/02/14. Munro Martin Park.
Long-Billed Corella (4) Norton Gill 19/02/14. Pioneer Cemetery. With Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo’s.
Peregrine Falcon (1) Norton Gill 19/02/14. Pioneer Cemetery. Juvenile being chased by Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo’s.
Grey Goshawk (1) Norton Gill. 19/02/14. Pioneer Cemetery. White Morph.

The appeal against fines to Mandalay Station, Innot Hot Springs, for deliberately poisoning cranes and other birds, went to court on Friday at 2pm.
The appeal was dismissed and the farmer was ordered to pay $2100 costs.

SACRED KINGFISHER - CAIRNS bIRDERS16/2/14 - cattana lakes
Also on Cairns Esplanade. Usually seen here in the winter months. A very early recording  on the Esplanade.
FORK-TAILED SWIFT (150+) - Heather Winsor17/2/14 - Several big flocks between Port Douglas and Mossman
PEREGRINE FALCON (1) - Barbara Warren,15/02/14, Pleasant Close, Mareeba
LITTLE KINGFISHER - Spartacus ?/ (Local resident)16/2/14 - Cemtenary Lakes, Freshwater lake SW corner. First sighting after the breeding season.
PALLID CUCKOO - John Pearson15/2/14 - Cairns cemetery, Little St
RED-FOOTED BOOBY (1) - David OBrien6/2/14 - Seen on the railing of Ocean Spirit Cruises semi submersible. Also a young Masked Booby has been a regular. Unfortunately the Red-footed 
Boobies are not consistent with their appearance. Since the tropical low 
passed by recently the cay has been extremely "modified" in appearance. 
It is now possible to view virtually all the cay from the human zone.
TORRESIAN CROW (2) -Greg Bortolussi
6/2/14 Anderson Rd precinct Woree (1830) flying north along highway. 
8/2/14 Anderson Rd precinct Woree (0830) picking through my garden for insects. 
FORK-TAILED SWIFT (3) – Greg Bortolussi2/2/14)31/01/14 Anderson Rd precinct Woree (1130am) flying SE.  (ED. We also had many over the Lakes this morning )
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO -  Norton Gill.HARD HEAD MALE- Norton Gill.  0911.
29/01/14 - cairns Esplanade well out southern end
LESSER FRIGATEBIRD (9) - Dominic Funnell
28/01/14 - Flying over Yorkeys Knob mid afternoon.
SOUTHERN CASSOWARY - Dominic Funnell  31/01/14 - Single seen on side of the Kuranda Range Road approx 500m before the Henry Ross Look Out at about 0845, was a real surprise to see this here.
FORK-TAILED SWIFT (3) – Greg Bortolussi
2/2/14)31/01/14 Anderson Rd precinct Woree (1130am) flying SE.
  (ED. We also had many over the Lakes this morning )
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO -  Norton Gill.29/01/14. 1745 - Cairns Esplanade flying south
HARD HEAD MALE- Norton Gill.  0911.29/01/14 - cairns Esplanade well out southern end
LESSER FRIGATEBIRD (9) - Dominic Funnell 28/01/14 - Flying over Yorkeys Knob mid afternoon.
31/01/14 - Single seen on side of the Kuranda Range Road approx 500m before the Henry Ross Look Out at about 0845, was a real surprise to see this here.
RED-NECKED CRAKE (2)- Pippy cannon .27/1/14 - On Red Arrow wa;k (Mt Whitfield) near bamboo about 8 am. Couldnt believe my luck and not as shy as expected.
PEREGRINE FALCON - Norton Gill.26/01/14 - Perched on Government building, Sheridan St.,
BROWN QUAIL - Norton Gill 26/01/14 - Behind Cairns Police station.
RED-TAILED BLACK COCKATOO (18) – Graham Winterflood25/1/14 – Two small groups totalling 18 birds, flying northwards over Mooroobool at 7:00 am.  Not seen or heard here for some time.
SACRED KINGFISHER - Del. Richards.19/01/14- Port Douglas Sports Oval. Earliest record, immature.
BLUE-FACED PARROT FINCH - Good numbers seen on Mt Lewis recently

* NB * - Access to the area around the airport landing ligkts from Machan's Beach access road is now prohibited as the area has been fenced off.
 This area was good for finches and other grass birds.

I have had a request re Eungella H/E
Are there any birding contacts down Mackay way
who could direct me to a sure-fire spot near Eungella to see the Regent
Bowerbird & Eungella Honeyeater.
If you can help please contact me (John Seale).

SUPERB FRUIT DOVE (3) - Birding Cairns et al.19/1/14 - Redden Island, machan;s Beach. Usually the Rose-crowned F/D is seen here.We saw 2 colour banded Lovely fairy Wrens with not very good views.
EASTERN YELLOW WAGTAIL - Cate Small.10/1/14 - France Rd turf farm  (Ed Others have seen them on later dates.)
RUFOUS SONGLARK (2) - Dominic Chaplin .04/01/2014 - Mareeba Rodeo Grounds. I have never seen this species east of Georgetown. On a hot dry evening it is worth a visit to the horse water trough at
the back of the Mareeba Rodeo Grounds. Here Little Friarbirds, Noisy Friarbirds, Brown Honeyeaters, Double Barred Finches, Apostlebirds and Eastern Grey Kangaroos were lining up for a drink. White-winged Trillers, Grey-crowned Babblers and Squatter Pigeons were nearby. Last month Back-throated Finches and Diamond Doves were also here.
BARN SWALLOWS - 8 - Frank & Di Harrison.3/1/14 - On wires around Garradunga Hotel (near Eubenangee).
Often a good spot to see them over the  years.
BLACK-NECKED STORK = Pippy cannon8/1/14 = At the mouth of the Barron River 6.30am, Nachan;s Beach.
Ereemaea reports some Barn Swallows and Red-rumped Swallows at Somerset Rd just
north of the Newell Beach turnoff
CHESTNUT-BREASTED MANNIKIN (3) - Greg Bortolussi.23/12/13 0930am - Anderson Rd precinct Woree. Rare visitor to my yard. Stopped to feed on the barnyard grass that the Nutmeg Mannikins usually feed on.
RED-BACKED FAIRY-WREN (1) - Greg Bortolussi.26/12/13 1000am - Anderson Rd precinct Woree. All brown with traces of orange on back. Possible young male. Spent the morning flying around my garden and calling.
 ROSE-CROWNED FRUIT DOVE (3) - Pippy Cannon27/12/13 (0700) -  Redden Island.  plus a Pacific Baza.
 LEWIN'S RAIL, YELLOW WAGTAIL, BUSH HEN - Luke Jackson24-27/12/13 - At or near turf farm, France Road, Edmonton  (Lewin's rail unusual)
WHITE-BROWED ROBIN (2) - Mal Macdonald13/12/13 - 1030 hrs, Girringun NP, Yamanie Section. Near Ingham, at the  very start of walking trail up to Blencoe Falls. Two birds in the creek line and multiple others calling from across the other side of the Herbert River.
 OLIVE-BACKED SUNBIRD (1) - Mal Macdonald16/12/13 - 1700 hrs, Dimbulah. A lone female enjoying a dip in one of the bird baths in my front yard. Have never seen this species around town before.

GOOD NEWS - I had a recent email from Andy Anderson in the USA and he has finally seen his FIRST Snowy Owl. He said he was wearing 3 layers of clothes inside and 6 layers outside.
WHITE-BROWED ROBIN (2) - Mal Macdonald07/12/13 - 0845 hrs, Lake Mitchell. Along the shoreline in undergrowth,to the left of the white steel gates. Plenty of breeding plumagedWhite-winged Trillers along the causeway recently too.
VARIED SITTELLA (10+) - Mal Macdonald07/12/13 - 0900 hrs, Lake Mitchell. Flock foraging through the canopy ofpaperbarks and eucalypts.
RUFOUS OWL - The 4 o'clock Club. The bird has been there most days for the last 7 weeks, sice 23/19/13
UFOUS OWL - The 4 o'clock Club5/12/13 - Our owl at SW corner Florence/Abbott St was clutching a fresh (but dead) Pied Imperial Pigeon this morning.
ARAFURA FANTAIL (1) Del. Richards.24/11/13- In cassaurina woodland behind beach at Marpoon (Weipa).
PALM COCKATOO-(4)- Del. Richards.24/11/13- As above feeding in native figs.
WHITE-THROATED NEEDLETAIL + FORK-TAILED SWIFT - Birding Cairns et al01/12/13 - Centenary Lakes, flying fast and high.
ASIAN DOWITCHER - Dominic Funnell
29/11/13 - Esplanade, Seen opposite Muddies at 2.30pm. Watched for 5 mins before flew south. At first glance had though Barwit then realised was not and looked properly - it was clearly a dowitcher spp. Was jumpy and got spooked and flew off, in flight back grey not white like Barwit, tail and rump heavily barred.
WHITE-BELLIED SEA EAGLE -  Graham Snell29/11/13 - Bird seen flying at tree top height mobbed by Honey-eaters at Cairns library,possibly after a Flying Fox meal?
SPOTTED WHISTLE DUCK reported recently on Daintree River (maybe on Ereamaea)
Today Friday 29/11 13 I did a days walk around Cairns and ended up with 100 sp ,the challenge is out to see if you can beat this tally if your silly enough. (To see the sp list and route go to Eramae Birds)
DIAMOND DOVE - David OBrien26/11/13 Flynn Reef (GBR) This bird landed on the roof of MV Silver Swift while moored at Flynn Reef but flew to another perch when disturbed by another crew member. Serious case of navigational failure!
ORIENTAL CUCKOO - David Anderson24/11/13 Cattana Wetlands
RED-TAILED BLACK COCKATOO - David OBrien21/11/13 At least 10 beside the touch footy fields at Aeroglen this morning around 9am
WHITE-BELLIED SEA EAGLE  (1) - Mal Macdonald18/11/13 - 0615 hrs, Mutchilba, on Mareeba to Dimbulah Rd. Feeding on a fresh wallaby carcass on the highway. Often cruise overhead along the Wash River here, but never seen one on roadkill before.
ELEGANT IMPERIAL PIGEON - John Pearson9/11/13 - Thornton Beach in the Daintree. Look it up and learn the diagnostics and maybe you'll see one. (Unconfirmed sighting but general news)
CRESTED PIGEON - Sandra Christensen18/11/2013 - Howe Street in East Innisfail. Have never noticed this species in Innisfail before. (Ed. Observations of common birds in new sites are valuable sightings)
AUSTRALIAN PRATINCOLE (4) - Doug Herrington16/11/2013 - Brady Road Swamp (Lake Evan) - Mareeba
 LITTLE CURLEW - Doug Herrington16/11/2013 and 8/11/2013 - Mareeba Rodeo Grounds (Just inside western gate to the right)
 SPINE-TAILED SWIFT - Birding cairns et al17/11/13 - 4km south of Fishery Falls, 10km south of Gordonvale.
GREY WAGTAIL - Doug Herrington16/11/13 - Brady pond, 3km north of Mareeba on the left side behind a house.
   The Northern Gulf Resource Management Group are looking for a bird
> person to assist them in surveying Werrington adjoining Blackbraes NP. I
> have been with them on a couple but am unable to do it this time.
>    You will need to meet Carly Starr of NGRMG in Mareeba on November
> 25th. All accommodation and meals are supplied and the area has never been
> looked at bird-wise.
>> You can contact Carly  

LOVELY FAIRY WREN - A survey team have been in the Cairns area recently and if anyone has any sightings of colour banded Wrens please let me know.
GLOSSY IBIS (1) - David OBrien et al10/11/13 Main lagoon, Cattana Wetlands

BUFF-BREASTED PARADISE KINGFISHER - Darren Phillips9/11/13 - On the Blue Arrow walk on Mt Whitfield behind Cairns Botanic Gdns.
BUFF-BREASTED PARADISE KINGFISHER - Tom Collis9/11/13 - James Cook University Smithfield Campus. The bird was bit distressed and not happy to be in the vicinity of buildings. It occasionally flew into the higher windows of the buildings. There was little I could do to assist it so left it so as not to add to its stress and hopefully it managed to find some higher ground in the rainforest behind the campus
LITTLE KINGFISHER (2)- Mal Macdonald09/11/13 -  0815 hrs, Big Mitchell Creek, north of Mareeba. Downstreamfrom the highway.
NORTHERN FANTAIL (1) - Mal Macdonald09/11/13 - 1020 hrs, Big Mitchell Creek, north of Mareeba. Downstreamfrom the highway.
WHITE-BROWED ROBIN (1) - Mal Macdonald
09/11/13 - 1000 hrs, Big Mitchell Creek, north of Mareeba. Only got a good long look at a single bird, but several others were calling nearby.
Follow the north/west bank of the creek downstream from the highway until the creek flows into Lake Mitchell. There are thickets of Barringtonia acutangula (Freshwater Mangroves) growing alongside the stream here. The birds are in these thickets. Have not been able to find robins in the old haunt upstream of the highway in 3 recent visits.

GREAT CRESTED GREBE (6) - Mal Macdonald
09/11/13 - Wurruma Swamp, Mt Garnet. Also Cotton Pygmy-goose (10+), Green Pygmy-goose (10+), Whiskered Tern and a list of thirty odd species. Plenty of bird life around the lake as the area west of here is very dry &/or burnt at present.

Has anyone seen large flocks (10,000) of Budgies recently at Georgetown or elswhere? The BBC would like to film them. If so please contact the BBC directly on

 SATIN FLYCATCHER - John Seale,4/11/13 - Shroj Road approx 4km west of Davies Creek turnoff, Kennedy Hgwy
BLACK FACED MONARCH (1) - David Anderson,1/11/13 - Thala Beach Lodge Oak Beach
GREY FALCON - John Pearsonm30/10/13 - Butchers Creek off East Mary farms Road, Mary farms
LITTLE EAGLE - John Pearson30/10/13 - Butchers Creek off East Mary farms Road, Mary farms


PIED CORMORANT (2) - Norton Gill,23/10/13 (0730) - Sitting on large concrete block just north of Cairns Lagoon
RUFOUS OWL - Found by Dick Whitford with some help from Black Butcher Birds.
23/10/13 (0928) - In a mango tree on the corner of Florence and Abbott streets in central Cairns.
GREY PLOVER - The 4 o'clock Club17/18/19 OCT - On the mud in front of the RSL. Coming out of breeding with large black blotches on breast.
AUSTRALIAN PRATINCOLE (200+) Alan Gillanders17/10/13 - Northern end of Marks Lane to Kattenburg Road
 LITTLE WOODSWALLOW (3) Alan Gillanders17/10/13 - Northern end of McKeown Road Yungaburra
 WHITE-WINGED TRILLER (one adult female, one eclipse male and possibly two others) Alan
Gillanders17/10/13 - Northern end of McKeown Road Yungaburra
RED TAILED BLACK COCKATOO(8) - David Anderson15/10/13 Capt Cook Hwy Kewarra Beach
RED TAILED BLACK COCKATOO(3) - Pippy Cannon15/10/13 - Redden Island 6.30am
16/10/13 - 50 or more at the school in big trees!
Phil Gregory sightings
Glossy ibis 5 S over Centenary Park 5/10
Satin Fly I male Cassowary House 6/10
Aus Pratincole 4 Brady's lagoon 8/10
Red-kneed Dotterel 2 Brady's Lagoon 8/10
Yellow-b Spoonbill 1 floodwater 20 km N of Mareeba 8/10 and 4 Bromfield Swamp 9/10
Little Corella 2 Brady's lagoon 8/10
Freckled Duck 7 Hastie's Swamp 9/10
Pallid Cuckoo 1 Henery Hannam Drive 9/10
White-throated Needletail 5+ Curtain Fig 9/10 my first of the season

PRATINCOLE sp - Greg Bortolussi10/10/13 - Brady Rd swamp near Mareeba. Could not see too well given the light but looked like Australian Pratincole.
SATIN FLYCATCHER Alan Gillanders10/10/13 Kaban Road near Tumoulin Rd end
RUDDY TURNSTONE - A Bendigo Birder10/10/13 - Cairns Esplanade near Muddy;s playground.
PINK-EARED DUCK (2) - Andy Anderson10/10/13 - Cairns Esplanade, near the skate park.
KOEL (female) - Andy Anderson9/10/13 - Calling on Lake St, in the wee hours of the morning.
GREENSHANK (5) - Pippy cannon 02/10/13(0630) - Northern side Barron River Redden Island.
TOPKNOT PIGEON (14) - Frank Harrison2/10/13 - Feeding in palms at our home, Whitfield.
RED KNOT (24) - Frank & Di Harrison2/10/13 - Cairns RSL Largest flock of this species seen by FH in Australia since flock of 48 in Townsville approx a decade ago.
GALAH (9) - Frank Harrison2/10/13 - Brinsmead shopping centre Cairns
COMMON SANDPIPER - Pippy Cannon   27/9/13 - Northern side Barron River alone on rocks. Possibly the same one as last year
LITTLE TERN (4) - Frank Harrison27/9/13 - Plying Cairns Esplanade, numbers increasing.
PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVER (16) GREY PLOVER (4) - Frank Harrison, Tony Nielson
27/9/13 - Cairns Esplanade RSL. Single flock.
PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVER (19) - Andy Anderson23/9/13 Esplanade; from 0 last 10 days to 19 today.
SILVER GULL (150+) - Andy Anderson23/9/13 Esplanade, far out at low tide, mainly in one area.
SUPERB FRUIT DOVE - Andy Anderson24/9/13 Top end of Esplanade, heard only.
BROWN GOSHAWK - Andy Anderson & Tues Gardens group24/9/13 Near the resident Bush Curlews, perched.
BROAD-BILLED SANDPIPER - Frank Harrison24/9/2013 - Esplanade opposite RSL.
First return this season.
SANDERLING - Frank Harrison24/9/2013 - Esplanade opposite RSL.
First return this season.
LITTLE FRIARBIRD (1) – Greg Bortolussi11/09/13 Anderson Rd Precinct Woree. Seen about 0915. Sat in Top of tree preening itself for about 15 minutes. First recording for me in this area.
BLACK SWAN - 14/9/13 At sea off Yorkey's Knob; also 2 on pond near Yorkey's.
SITELLA (2?) - Birding Cairns Field Day15/9/13 Henry Hannam Drive, Barron R crossing.
No Black-throated Finches or Squatter Pigeons were seen.
COTTON PYGMY-GOOSE (1)21/9/13 Pleasant Close, Mareeba
LATHAM'S? SNIPE (2) - Birding Cairns Photo Group,21/9/13 Hasties Swamp.
FRECKLED DUCK (11-14?) - Alan Gilanders21/9/13 The numbers seem to be rising c/f Australian Shovelers
AUSTRALIAN SHOVELERS ( 0 ) - Alan Gilanders21/9/13 None? have been seen at Hasties for a month.  FLYING HORSE - The 4 o'clock Club
8/9/13 - We often see all or some of the Esplanade birds jump and fly when a raptor comes into view. The Sea Eagle usually causes ALL birds to scatter but the Osprey and Brahminy Kite tends not to frighten them too much.
 Today the birds all jumped so we looked for a Sea eagle. What we saw, however, was a coloured balloon, about 1 metre long , in the shape of a horse, floating high above the mud. Presumably the birds did not know what it was and didn't want to take any chances.
DIAMOND DOVE (40+) - Mal Macdonald
03.09.13 - 1715 hrs, Dimbulah. In trees along Walsh River, behind soccer
fields. Looks like they've become a bit of a fixture and numbers are
growing. Still very dry out west.
31.08.13 - 1630 hrs, Emu Creek, 31 klm west of Dimbulah. Heard calling persistently from a hollow in a gum tree. Watched & waited until after 1900 hrs. Continued to call, but never left the hollow.
BLACK-NECKED STORK - Cairns Birding et al
1/9/13 - Freshwater Lkae, centenary lakes. This lake has just beem cleaned of dead vegetation etc.
RADJAH SHELDUCK - Cairns Birding et al
1/9/13 - Yet another breeding record in the lakes, the 4th in 2 years.

Hi All. My name is Ros Gloag and I'll be in Cairns for the next 3 months conducting research into bronze cuckoos, on behalf of The Australian National University. The idea is to understand how cuckoo hosts, such as gerygones, are able to defend themselves against this brood parasite.
For the research, I need to find as many nests as possible of large-billed gerygones in Cairns (or surrounding regions). I'd greatly appreciate the help of anyone with local knowledge!
So if you happen to spot gerygones building a nest, or entering a nest and you'd like to help, please send me an email or give me a call:email:
phone: 0478847631
It seems that the birds are starting to return from the northern hemisphere.
BLACK-TAILED GODWITS, SHARP TAILED S/PIPER and quite a few more waders in general.
The Esplanade seems to be changing in that there are no mudskippers left and nowhere near as many crabs. The birds seem to be feeding in the very south end of the Esplanade near the sandy beach.
DIAMOND DOVE (10+) - Mal Macdonald
28/08/13 - 1800 hrs, Dimbulah. In trees along Walsh River, next to the soccer fields. Same location as sighting on 15/08/13.
PALLID CUCKOO (1) - Barbara Warren
27/8/13 Pleasant Close, Mareeba
FAN-TAILED CUCKOO (1) - Barbara Warren
26/8/13  Pleasant Close, Mareeba.
BRUSH TURKEY (2) - Mal Macdonald
21/08/13 - 0700 hrs, Dimbulah. Crossing the highway at Barooga Gardens housing estate. Not often seen out here except  in riparian zones.
22/8/13 - Centenary lakes Freshwater Lake, which is being cleared of vegetation by the floating tractor
PIED IMPERIAL PIGEON (3) - Pippi cannon
20/8/13 (0700) - 3 PIP flying over Redden Island this morning.Lovely to have them back!
17 Aug (7:30am) Anderson Road Precinct Woree. First for season and a surprise this early.
AUSTRALIAN PELICAN (140+) - The 4 o'clock Club
19/8/13 - cairns Esplanade The largest number of pelicans for many years. The whole group assemled near the RSL but we are back to 20 since then.
BLACK-TAILED GODWITS, SHARP TAILED S/PIPER and quite a few more waders in general.
The Esplanade seems to be changing in that there are no mudskippers left and nowhere near as many crabs. The birds seem to be feeding in the very south end of the Esplanade near the sandy beach.
16/8/13 - Daintree/Cape Trib Road near Noah's Beach. Bird flying south
15/8/13 - Cairns Esplanade, south beach.
DIAMOND DOVE (15+) - Mal Macdonald
15/08/13 - 1700 hrs at Dimbulah. In trees adjacent to Walsh River, next
to the soccer fields. My first sighting in this location.
15/08/13 - Dimbulah. There is an easily found bower on the nature strip
at the corner of Stephens and Cummings Streets, opposite the One Stop
Shop. Freshly constructed and in daily use. Have a look, but please
respect the privacy/property of the adjacent house. The bower is under a
bush next to the driveway.
BLACK-FACED CUCKOO-SHRIKE (4) - Mabel's Mates et al
11/8/13 -Cattana wetlands, Yorkey's Knob
9/8/13 - Collins Ave (first sightings of a new breeding season)

The court case re the Brolga deaths has finished with the farm company being found Guilty and fined $15,000. Apparently there may be another case prosecuted against the individual as opposed to the company.

BARKING OWL - Andy Anderson
15/8/13 - Cairns Esplanade. In the first very shady tree on the cycle track south of the northern car park. being harrasssed by various birds. It was there from all the daylight hours.
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO (1)  - Greg Bortolussi
Aug 14 & 15 in big pine tree in Woree State High School, Windarra St Woree. Usually seen before 8am. Heard calling intermittently at night the last fortnight or so. I suspect it may have over wintered. I have also heard a Pacific Baza near this location yesterday further in the school grounds.

FANTAILED CUCKOO-(1)- Del. Richards.
09/08/13- Forty Mile Scrub NP. (near Undara).

CURLEW SANDPIPERS (2) - Andy Anderson
10/8/13 - Cairns Esplanade, mid-morning high tide. Curlew Sandpipers both coming out of breeding colours.
Eastern Curlews numbers doubled. So it can be safely said that the shorebirds are definitely arriving.

CHESTNUT TEAL (5) - David Anderson
7/8/13 - Thala Beach Lodge Oak Beach. Including 1 male in breeding plumage

5/8/13 - cattana Wetlands in the lake to the west of the largest lake. This lake is at the southern end of the tree line about 200m west of the large lake.

CHESTNUT TEAL (5) David Anderson
7/8/13 Thala Beach Lodge Oak Beach, including 1 male in breeding plumage

GREY GOSHAWK - Brian Venables
07/08/2013 09:48:17 - One Juv. bird being chased by Drongo and Black Butcherbird in bush alongside Cemetery in Anderson St.- S16.90841580 E145.75225627

RED-BACKED FAIRY-WREN (1M 1F) - Brian Venables
07/08/2013 09:34:18 -  mixed species party beside Fearnley St. drain path between Grove and Charles Sts.

VALE PAUL RICHARDSON - Paul was a founding member of the 4 o'clock Club. He was the big man with a dark beard and a gravelly voice and only 49 years old. He passed away in Cairns on Monday Aug 5. His funeral is at St Monica's at 1230  tomorrow, Friday Aug 9th.

3/8/13(1800) - A single bird with breeding plumage on breast and feeding very actively. Maybe one of our first waders to return from the northern hemispere.

23/7/13 Esplanade. An early arrival but probably not from the breeding grounds in northern Siberian. Photo taken.

HOBBY – Andy Anderson
30/7/13 Flying north along the Esplanade beach at 0700.

GALAH – Andy Anderson
31/7/13 Corner of McKenzie & Esplanade; almost certainly an escapee.

WHITE-BREASTED WOODSWALLOWS (over 120) – Andy Anderson
1/8/13 Again roosting on the Hospital crane, high above the south-bound swiftlets. Counted from a photo.

GREY SHRIKE-THRUSH (1) - Barbara Warren
1/8/13 Pleasant Close, Mareeba. First sighting here.

SPOTTED HARRIER (1) – Mikey Kudo
20/7/28 Flying north over Holloways Beach Access Road. Near the T roundabout. Photo is on Eremaea.

23/7/13 Thala Beach Lodge   Oak Beach (Back after 3 months absence)

PINK-EARED DUCK (5) - Barbara Warren
20/7/13 Pleasant Close, Mareeba

There has been a suspected sighting of a Common Redshank on the Esplanade and also a Laughing Gull but none have been verified so give all the birds a good check!!

RED-NECKED AVOCET - Doug Herrington, 3-17/7/13 - Ferrero Road pond. This road is just north of the Port Douglas turn-off and on the west side. The pond is about 200m up the road. PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE POND SIDE OF THE ROAD 'COS OF IRRIGATION PIPES
COLLARED SPARROW-HAWK - Andy Anderson, 10/7/13 - Male, flying at 6m above the ground, 3m over the Drongo that raised the alarm, Nth Esplanade, 0700. The Drongo didn't shift but all other birds rushed for safety.
BROWN FALCON  - The 4 0'clock club, 1/7/13 - Cairns Esplanade flying south and frIghtening many of the shorebirds.
WHITE-EARED MONARCH (Juv.) - Birding Cairns et al, 7/7/13 - Centenary Lakes, Cairns
BROWN GOSHAWK - Andy Anderson ,30/6/13 - Hunting through fig trees, Nth Esplanade
GREY GOSHAWK - Andy Anderson,, 3/7/13 - Soaring north between Lake and Grafton/Digger.
LARGE PIED CORMORANT (3) - Andy Anderson 3/7/13 - Landed on the sea, north end of Esplanade, briefly. The first sighting for me anywhere near Cairns in over 20 years.
WHITE-BREASTED WOODSWALLOW (over 100) - Andy Anderson, 3/7/13 - Roosting on the outside end of the high crane at the Hospital.
YELLOW-BILLED SPOONBILL (1) - Mal Macdonald, 29/06/13 - Brady's Pond, 5 klm north of Mareeba, Mulligan Hwy.
SQUARE-TAILED KITE (1) - Mal Macdonald, 29/06/13 - 1145 hrs, Lake Mitchell. Hunting low over paperbarks, near end of the causeway on the south side.
SPOTTED PARDALOTE (1) - Mal Macdonald, 29/06/13 - 1300 hrs, Fraser Rd, Mount Molloy. In the clearing near the Spring Creek crossing at the start of the forestry track. Many other species here.
DIAMOND DOVE (30+) - Mal Macdonald, 29/06/13 - 1700 hrs, "Bustard Downs," East Maryfarms Rd. Several flocks this size as well as smaller scattered groups encountered along the road and nearby trees over the weekend. Also around the small dam opposite the campground driveway. Private property. Very easy to find.
RESTLESS FLYCATCHER (1) - Mal Macdonald, 01/07/13 - 0645 hrs, "Bustard Downs," East Maryfarms Rd. Hunting in the gum tree rows planted near the roadside.
02/07/13 - 0800 hrs, West Maryfarms Rd. In trees around the cattle yards just before Butchers Creek Rd.
DIAMOND DOVE (100+) - Mal Macdonald
02/07/13 - 0900 hrs, West Maryfarms. Sunning themselves in a gum tree.
AUSTRALIAN BUSTARD (35+) - Mal Macdonald
17/06/13 - 0655, corner Mareeba/Dimbulah Rd and Bruce Weir Rd, just before Dimbulah.
Foraging in harvested cane paddock, close to highway. Largest flock I've seen. More birds
deeper in the field, but too foggy for positive ID.
PINK-EARED DUCK (3) - Mal Macdonald
17/06/13 - 0300 hrs, Lotus Glen Correctional Centre. Flying in circlesaround the prison grounds. Perhaps disoriented by the many bright lights.
CHESTNUT TEAL - Dick Whitford
15/6/13 (3pm) - Cairns Esplanade. Single immature male. Chased off by a Sea Eagle about 5pm.
BUDGERIGAR (10) - Mal Macdonald
15/06/13 - 0815 hrs, Emu Creek, 31 klm west of Dimbulah. Small flock perched in the top of paperbarks, then took off in unison
PEREGRINE FALCON - Andy Anderson 14/6/13 - 0700 - Cairns Esplanade north - one male whizzing low through the trees.
BROWN GOSHAWK - Andy Anderson, Dick Whitford 15/6/13 - on dark - one juvenile, City Centre, flying alongside a Spectacled Flying Fox as if thinking of attacking but finding it too big, then landing on top of a building.
YELLOW-BILLED SPOONBILL (1) - Mal Macdonald 13/06/13 - 1500 hrs, Dunne Road swamp/lake north side of road, next to cane field. In company with Royal Spoonbill. Also Red-kneed Dotterel (5).
WHITE-WINGED TRILLER (3) - Mal Macdonald14/06/13 - 1500-1700 hrs, Emu Creek, 31 klm west of Dimbulah. Non-breeding males.
DIAMOND DOVE (5) - Tom Collis9/6/13 - East Mary Road, off Mulligan Hwy about 22kms from Mt.Molloy.
ZEBRA FINCH (6) - Tom Collis9/6/13 - East Mary Road, off Mulligan Hgwy. Outside normal distribution range.
ZEBRA FINCH (1) -Del. Richards.04/06/13- Maryfarms near Mt. Carbine. (first area record in over 20 years the last being west of Mareeba.) Viewed on roadside fence for some minutes.
BUDGERIGAR (1500+) -Del Richards.07/06/13-Encountered between Mulligan Highway and Maytown. Included two flocks of 500+
SARUS CRANE -(2)-Del. Richards.07/06/13-In eucalypt woodland 50km East of Maytown.
GREY GOSHAWK - Steve Jackson.Late May - A Grey Goshawk was attacking a Papuan Frogmouth with a Black Butcherbird looking on. The Frogmouth was on its back and presenting claws to the Goshawk which eventually took off with the Frogmouth surviving. The Butcherbird started to attack the Goshawk as it flew off.
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO - Brian Venables 08/06/2013 - 09:01:17 - Centenary Lakes Boardwalk one individual calling from the canopy at the Collins Ave. start of the walk.
GREY TEAL (30+) - John Seale.7/6/13 - Kate St sewage treament works, Portsmith. these works have yielded very little since being upgraded in 2011.
SWAMP HARRIER - - Brian Venables.4/06/2013 - 08:21:04 - One bird working low over the vacant land behind the mangroves at the northern end of Lake St. Also a BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE.
YELLOW-BILLED SPOONBILL (2) - Mikey Kudo03/6/13 -11:30 DUNNE ROAD PARK (north of service station), Pink-eared Duck(2) still there. Lots of Grey Teals.
YELLOW-BILLED SPOONBILL (1) - Mikey Kudo.03/6/13 - 11:50 DUNNE ROAD SWAMP (northern side of Dunne Rd).
PIED IMPERIAL-PIGEON (1) - Barbara Warren.30/5/2013 - Borzi Park, Mareeba
WOOD DUCK (5) - John seale.1/6/13 - The Environmental pond, Crossland Rd north Gordonvale.
WHITE-NECKED HERON - John Seale.31/5/13 - Yorkey's knob Rd east side, just before Dunne Rd
AUSTRALIAN BUSTARD (15) - Mal Macdonald29/05/2013 - corner of Dimbulah Rd (Bourke Development Rd) & Bruce Weir Rd, on the adjacent newly planted cane paddock. Similar number of birds feeding here most days for the last week or so, often very close to the fence by the highway. In this location for weeks last year. Mix of large male, females, juveniles.
WEDGE-TAILED EAGLE (1) – Greg Bortolussi7/01/2013 – Young bird flying high over Anderson Road upsetting the Sulphur-crested Cockatoos (10:30am). Headed southwards along the range.
GLOSSY SWIFT (3) – Greg Bortolussi26/2/2013 08:20am Anderson Road Woree. Very light coloured underparts and different wing shape caught my eye among the 8 other Australian [White-rumped] Swiftlets. No white rump observed.
Observer’s Note: These birds were quite low ca. 20m above ground level. I had about 5
minutes of viewing as the flock flew above my backyard. It always pays to look up soon as
you get out of the house.
What a good trip it was to "Artemis", lots of interesting sightings , both birds and other
animals and plants.
GREY TEAL (200+) - John Seale9/5/13 - Dunne Road swamp, Yorkey's Knob. Walk along sugar crop on right about 200m along Dunne Rd
YELLOW-BILLED SPOONBILL - Eremaea website11/5/13 - Centenary Lakes , Saltwater Lake. YELLOW-TINTED HONEYEATER - John Pearson/Don Hadden11/5/13 - Springvale Road, near Wondecla just past the creek near the road end.
PINK-EARED DUCK (1) - Mal Macdonald06/05/13, 1700 hrs, East Barron Sto
SPECTACLED MONARCH - Birding Cairns lakes trip,5/5/13 - Centenary lakes, in mangroves on north eastern track near Saltwater Creek footbridge. (not often seen in the Lakes )
BUDGERIGAR-(12)- Del. Richards.25/04/13- Rocky St. George Creek south of Palmer River Roadhouse.Also two flocks observed on Mitchell River at Karma Waters.
BLACK KITES-(400+)-Del. Richards.28/04/13 - Mareeba Airport, 300+ were on the tarmac due to rain.
LITTLE PIED CORMORANT-(1)- Del. Richards.28/04/13 - Hypipamee Crater- In the crater, probably unable to escape.
COTTON PYGMY GOOSE (2) - Mal Macdonald30/04/13, 1330 hours, Bruce Weir, 5 klm east of Dimbulah. Pair of birds on the lake in company with a pair of Green Pygmy Goose.
PIED IMPERIAL PIGEON (6) - John Seale29/4/13 - Aloomba near Lamin's Bridge.
BUFF-BREASTED PARADISE KINGFISHER (1) - Brian Venables (Mt Whitfield behind Bot Gdns)
21/4/2013 - 10:03 - Blue Arrow Walking track where the water persists in the little creek on the lower section. I had thought this species had returned to PNG but this individual was an adult - not calling but observed when flushed.
NOISY PITTA (MANY) - Brian Venables21/4/2013 - 08:45 - Blue Arrow walking track - they have been either absent or very quiet but vocal today.
AZURE KINGFISHER - Brian Venables 20/4/13 (08:14) - Centenary Lakes - Freshwater Lake overflow - where we normally expect to see the Little Kingfisher.
GREY GOSHAWK (1) - Brian Venables18/4/2013 - 17:20 observed again same location 19/4/2013 - 06:45.McLeod Pioneer Cemetery.
STRIATED PARDALOTE (1) - Brian Venables 20/4/2013 - 08:30. - Saltwater Creek - calling from the top of a Melaleuca near footbridge to saltwater Lake. .
GLOSSY IBIS (16) - John Seale,15/4/13 (1630) - Cairns Esplanade. Small flock flying south.
PIED IMPERIAL PIGEON - 4 O'clock CLUB,15/4/13 - Cairns Esplanade, flock of 20+ flying north a fair way out to sea.
CATTLE EGRET (1) - Brian Venables.2/4/13 (0729) - Saltwater Lake (Centenary Lakes) not usual for this location.
FOREST KINGFISHER (2) - Brian Venables 2/4/13 (0740) - Two birds in duet in the bushland along Fearnley St opposite at Ambulance in Anderson St.
CRIMSON FINCH (2 or 3) - Brian Venables 2/4/13 (0840) - A few birds feeding with Nutmeg Mannikins in seeding grass between Moffat St. and Airport access.
HARDHEAD DUCK (1F) - Brian Venables - Chris Corbett (Townsville)9/3/13 - 07:30 - Centenary Lakes - Freshwater Lake - one bird with the black ducks - unusual at this location.
SWIFTLET spp. (1) Dominic Funnell,07/02/2013. This morning over Yorkeys Knob between 1045 and 1115 I had two views of an all dark swiftlet in with three White-rumped Swiftlets. It appeared to be the same size and structure as the other swiftlets. Very fluttering flight followed by short glides; slight fork in tail but not as pronounced as in accompanying swiftlets; it appeared to be uniformly coloured all over - in the views I had there was no contrast between rump, upperparts and underparts. It was not noticably darker than the White-rumps. I went to get my camera but did not relocate any of them. Can White-rumped Swiftlet show all dark rump? (Ed. Any answers from anybody?/)
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO (3) - Tom Collis,7/2/13 - in a large Eucalyptus tree at my place at the foothills of McAllister Range, Kewarra Beach
SOOTY TERN - Phil Gregory,5/2/13 - 1 imm just N of Daintree Ferry, flying over the river!
PINK-EARED DUCK - Phil Gregory,5/2/13 - 1 Wonga Beach barra farm and one on floodwater just NE of Biboohra, seems like a few have reappeared and are wandering about.
PINK-EARED DUCK (2) - Mal Macdonald,4/2/13 - 1800 hrs, Brady's Pond, 5 klm north of Mareeba. In a smallmixed flock with Grey Teal, Black Duck, Wandering Whistling-Duck,Hardhead Duck. Also Aust Grebe, Little Black Cormorant. Black Kite(>100) riding a storm front overhead. Dam is full at the moment, so nomud banks exposed and few waders.
LITTLE EAGLE - Dark Morph - Ron Hill.3/2/13 - Cattana Wetlands 3.30pm over the main lake.
CHESTNUT-BREASTED MANNIKIN - Harvey.Rich, David Johnson,2/2/13- nesting in Abbott street alongside Cairns private hospital.
SINGING BUSHLARK (HORSFIELD'S BUSHLARK) - Brian Venables - 1/2/2013 - 07:10 Vacant land (cleared mangroves) at the northern end of Lake St. Soaring overhead in display and song.
STRIATED PARDALOTE - Brian Venables -31/1/2012 - 06:05 - The stand of tall Melaleuca leucadendra beside Cominos House - Greenslopes and Little Sts. - Singing insistently.
DUNNE ROAD PARK, a new location on the western side of Yorkeys Knob Rd about 100m north of the service station. Park in a gateway area on opp side of road.
PINK-EARED DUCK, (3), MARSH SANDPIPER (10+), PIED STILTS, GREY TEAL, GOLDEN PLOVER. This location may not last long without rain.
RED-BACKED BUTTON-QUAIL - Ron and Lin Hill.2/2/13 - In our garden. Monterey Street, Kewarra Beach
HOUSE SWIFT (5) Alan Gillanders31/01/13 Little Street, Cairns. birds flying over cemetery and paperbarks mostly low but sometimes high. Other swifts also present.
ORIENTAL CUCKOO Alan Gillanders 31/01/13 Little Street, Cairns
PINK-EARED DUCK ( 14) Alan Gillanders 01/02/13 Hasties Swamp
COTTON PYGMY GOOSE ( 6 ) Alan Gillanders 01/02/13 Hasties Swamp
LESSER FRIGATE BIRD (15+) - Pippy Cannon 29/1/13 (1717) - over bmx field Machans Beach.
FAN-TAILED CUCKOO (1imm) - Barbara Warren 24/1/13 Pleasant Close, Mareeba.
PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVER - (3) - Stan Emmerson 26/1/13 - Lake Tinaroo @ mouth of Barron River.
PAPUAN FROGMOUTH. - Di & Frank Harrison.28/1/13 - JCU Smithfield. Male on nest with single grey/white nestling.
PECTORAL SANDPIPER - Frank & Di Harrison.28/1/13 - Cattana Wetlands. Single bird with 5 Sharp-tailed sandpipers, shallow pool on right of entrance gate.[1st record for Cattana?]
SWAMP HARRIER - Frank & Di Harrison 20/1/13 - Cattana Wetlands
HOUSE SWIFT-(2)-Del. Richards.23/01/13 - Rex Range, south of Mossman. First record for some time.
SPOTTED PARDALOTE -(16)- Del. Richards.26/01/13 - Mt.Carbine Caravan Park. Altitudenal movement due to cyclonic winds?Feeding as loose flock in ironbarks with fresh foliage.
LESSER FRIGATE BIRDS -(10)- Del. Richards.23/01/12 - Newell Beach near Mossman.
LESSER FRIGATEBIRDS (50+) - Dominic Funnell24/1/13. Three singles drifted slowly north over Yorkeys Knob beach between 0800 - 0900. Then at approx 0945 a large group of 51 predominantly Lesser Frigatebirds drifted slowly north.
GREAT FRIGATEBIRD (2) - Dominic Funnell24/1/13. At least two in with large group of Lesser Frigatebirds drifting north this morning over Yorkeys Knob beach
SOOTY TERN. (1) Dominic Funnell24/1/13. Adult hanging around north end of Yorkeys Knob beach between 0800 - 0845 before drifting north.
PEREGRINE (1) Dominic Funnell24/1/13. Single circling over the Knob at Yorkeys this morning.
KING QUAIL (1) - Mal Macdonald 17/01/13 - 2230 hrs, Lotus Glen Prison. Lone female wandering along covered walkway until disturbed and flew away. Quails seem to come to feed on insects attracted to artificial light around the prison grounds.
PURPLE SWAMPHEN (30+) - Mal Macdonald23/01/13 - 0700 hrs, Chettle Road, Arriga (21 km west of Mareeba), near the rail crossing. Large loose flock foraging beside flooded spoon drain at the edge of sugar cane paddock. Usually seen along here singly or small groups only.
FORK-TAILED SWIFT (300+) Dominic Funnell.20/01/13. After being absent for several days returned in force with a large flick circling over Yorkeys Knob today.
LESSER FRIGATEBIRD (1) Dominic Funnell23/01/13. One circling over Yorkeys Knob at 1330 this afternoon, an unexpected garden tick!
CHESTNUT-BREASTED CUCKOO - Alan & Maria Gillanders,19 & 20/01/13 in trees along the northern end of Mather Road Yungaburra. the bird was calling on the afternoon of the 19th but not heard yet on the 20th. This make 196 species for Alan's Home Block list.
SINGING BUSHLARK - John Seale17/01/13 - Grass paddock on right at end of Tingara St, Portsmith
LITTLE BITTERN - John Pearson18/1/13 - Redford rd, nearly opposite caravonica School, West Arterial Rd, Cairns.
RED-FOOTED BOOBY (3) - Peter (Seastar owner)18-20 - Michalmas Cay.
PIED IMPERIAL PIGEON (30,963) - (Reort from Dominic Chaplin),15/12/12 - Low Isles durvey by the Isles Preservation Society YES, THIRTY THOUSAND+
BLACK-FACED CUCKOO-SHRIKE (1) - Denis Walls (first I have seen near Cairns since an East Trinity visit in 2010),12/1/13 East Trinity Wetlands.
JABIRU (1) - Denis Walls 12/1/13 East Trinity Wetlands.
ROSE-CROWNED FRUIT-DOVE (2) - Denis Walls 12/1/13 East Trinity Wetlands.
SHINING FLYCATCHER and COLLARED KINGFISHER were particularly common close to the bund wall between Gate 4 and Hills Creek - Denis Walls,12/1/13 East Trinity Wetlands.
FORK-TAILED SWIFTS (150+) Dominic Funnell,11/1/13. At least 150 circling over Yorkeys Knob this afternoon.
AUSTRALIAN GREY TEAL - Norton Gill,10/01/13 (0620) - Cairns Esplanade with Bar –tailed Godwits.
HORSFIELDS BRONZE CUCKOO - Dominic Funnell,6/1/13 - At Cattana early morning. Calling and showed well.
WEDGE-TAILED EAGLE (1) - Dominic Funnell,9/1/13 - Single drifting north high over Yorkeys Knob this afternoon.
PEREGRINE FALCON Carol and Andrew Iles,1/1/13 Adult perched in tree beside highway between Brady Rd and Biboohra.
RADJAH SHELDUCK (1) Carol and Andrew Iles,1/1/13 On lake Mitchell from layby at post 43 on hwy.
COTTON PYGMY-GOOSE (1 male) Carol and Andrew Iles,1/1/13 on Lake Mitchell from Causeway. Lake excellent for ducks again at last, south of causeway.
LEWIN'S and BRIDLED HONEYEATER Carol and Andrew Iles,2/1/13 - 9/1/13 In our garden in Julatten at 430m - unusual for summer, but this is an unusual summer. Keep filling those birdbaths and feeders. Who knows what could turn up.
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO. (1). Norton Gill.09/01/13 (0550am) - Flying South along the Esplanade.
RED-TAILED BLACK COCKATOO (12) – Greg Bortolussi08/01/2013 – Hussey Park (Anderson Road end near Highway). Been present in big gum trees over the last few days.
BLACK FALCON Alan Gillanders and friends7/1/13 Favier Road in the Atherton Kairi area. Seen on ground perched in tree and chasing other birds as well as circling overhead at no more than 30 metres
VARIED SITTELLA Alan Gillanders and friends 7/1/13 Petersen Creek Yungaburra near Frawley's Pool
ORIENTAL CUCKOO Alan Gillanders 7/1/13 at Alan's house 2 Mather Road Yungaburra.
WHITE-BROWED CRAKE Alan Gillanders 1/1/13 at wetland below Alan's house, upstream from Platypus Viewing Platform, Yungaburra.
RED-TAILED BLACK-COCKATOO (6) . Norton Gill and Martin Wright from England.
06/01/13 05:45 - On the light poles Bruce Highway near Anderson Road.
AUSTRALIAN PELICAN. (9) - Norton Gill06/01/13 (12:20) - Swimming at the Esplanade.
WEDGE-TAILED EAGLE (1) – Greg Bortolussi,7/01/2013 – Young bird flying high over Anderson Road upsetting the Sulphur-crested Cockatoos (10:30am). Headed southwards along the range.
BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE - Birding Cairns et al.6/01/13 - Flying over Centenary Lakes
(Unusual for this area)
ORIENTAL CUCKOO - Birding Cairns et al.06/01/13 - Centenary lakes - around the
Freshwater lake. Reported earlier in the week as feeding ( and perching) on lilies/lotus
after insects.
SPOTTED WHISTLING DUCKS (5) – Ian (Sauce) Worchester + Red Mill House in Daintree
guests05/01/2013 - Daintree River - Bywash
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO (2 Juveniles) - Stan Emmerson 29/12/12: 2 Juveniles have just left
the host Currawongs nest in a tree at my friend's place at Lakeside, Yungaburra. The
Currawongs have been flat out feeding the 2 Cuckoos for weeks and are nearly worn out.
And, one of the Currawongs has only 1 eye. (Ed, It's probably keeping an eye out for the
EASTERN GRASS OWL(1) - Barbara Warren.30/12/12 - Pleasant Close, Mareeba
BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE - Dominic Funnell.,29/12/12 - Single bird circling over the horse
paddocks at south end of Yorkeys Knob Beach Road at 0945 this morning. (Ed Golden
Plovers have also been seen here)
WHITE NECKED HERON (1) - Mikey Kudo 27/12/12 (1500) - Cattana Wetlands East Pond
FOREST KINGFISHER (2) Greg Bortolussi -16/12/12 (0900) - Anderson Road precinct Woree.
The Sacred Kingfishers have not been seen for about 2 weeks and then this pair turned up
about a week ago. Roosting near my pool is a popular spot for kingfishers.
FORK-TAILED SWIFT - (2) Greg Bortolussi,16/12/12 (0900) - Flynn Road Mourilyan.
FORK-TAILED SWIFT - (3) Greg Bortolussi 18/12/12 (1030) - Over Anderson Road Woree with
White-rumped Swiftlets and White-breasted Woodswallows as a mixed flock.
PACIFIC BAZA (1) - Dominic Funnell,19/12/12 - Single over Yorkeys Knob during the
morning being mobbed by White-breasted Woodswallows
AUSTRALIAN WOOD DUCK (1) Dominic Funnell,10/12/12 - Still at Yorkeys Knob Golf Course
lagoon until 20/12/12
SHARP-TAILED SANDPIPER (1) Dominic Funnell,13/12/12 - Single at Cattana along with two
RED-NECKED STINT (3) Dominic Funnell 20/12/12,At Cattana this morning

ORIENTAL CUCKOO (1) Dominic Funnell 20/12/12 - One at Cattana this morning
PURPLE SWAMPHEN (1) Domininc Funnell,20/12/12 = One at Cattana this morning
ORIENTAL CUCKOO - (2) Brian Venables - 08:45 17/12/12 Anderson St. cemetery - flushed
from the trees along the road through the cemetery and retreating to the adjacent bushland when pursued.
PALE-VENTED BUSH-HEN,RED-NECKED CRAKE - Brian Venables - 06:15 - 17/12/12 - Boardwalk - Centenary Lakes - on call only.
SATIN FLYCATCHER (1) - David Anderson.14/12/12 - Thala Beach Lodge Oak Beach. Male bird
first observed 9/12/12
LITTLE CURLEW - John Seale,16/12/12 (0830) - France Road turf farm (Edmonton), opposite
the few houses on France Rd. Still there.
LITTLE CURLEW - Darren Phillips/Paul Richardson9/12/12 (0830) - France Road turf farm
(Edmonton), opposite the few houses on France Rd. Still there at 2pm
QRIENTAL CUCKOO - Cairns Birding brunch crowd9/12/12 (Noon) - Vico Road Gordonvale, a
lifer for the host/hostess
RED TAILED BLACK COCKATOO 16 - Dominic Funnell5/12/12. Still hanging around Yorkeys Knob
RAJAH SHELDUCK (4) - Frank Harrison5/12/02 - Cairns Esplanade northern end.
WHITE THROATED NEEDLETAIL 1 - Dominic Funnell7/12/12. Single flew across Yorkeys Knob
Road this morning.
GREAT KNOT - Norton Gill.05//12/12 - End of Black Gully Road Tinaroo. Photos Taken.
AUSTRALIAN PRATINCOLE (10) - Mal Macdonald4/12/2012 - 0700 hrs, 18 kms west of Mareeba
at the corner of the highway & Chettle Road. Flock feeding in a recently harvested
cane paddock. Some birds here most days recently. Sometimes follow behind as a tractor
ploughs the field.
SANDERLING - Frank harrison27/11/12 - Esplanade RSL also on 3/12/12
ORIENTAL CUCKOO - 4 O'clock Club,27/11/12 - Esplanade RSLWANDERING TATTLER - 4Frank Harrison
3/12/12 - Esplanade RSL
RED TAILED BLACK COCKATOO (16) David Anderson3/12/12 Smithfield Flying towards the south

HORSFIELD'S BRONZE-CUCKOO Alan Gillanders02/12/12 Hasties Swamp
BLACK BITTERN (1) Brian Venables.25/11/12 (0545) - Centenary Lakes - Freshwater Lake.
I've been looking for the return of this bird for weeks now.
FAN TAILED CUCKOO - Andrew Forsyth, Red Mill House.20/11/2012 Stewart Creek Rd, Daintree.
BRUSH TURKEY (1) - Mal Macdonald20/11/2012 - 1400 hrs, Price Creek bridge, on the highway just west of Mutchilba. Observed beside the road fighting with a Pheasant Coucal. Came of second best and ran
off along the creek.
RED-KNEED DOTTEREL (2) - Mal Macdonald.22/11/2012 - 1100 hrs, Brady's Dam, 5 km north of
Mareeba. Also Glossy Ibis (1), Yellow-billed Spoonbill (1), Royal Spoonbill (3). No ducks or geese today.
ROYAL SPOONBILL (8) - Mal Macdonald.24/11/2012 - 1800 hrs. Flying over my backyard in
GULL-BILLED TERN (1) - Mal Macdonald25/11/2012 - 1300 hrs. Flying overhead on the
Mareeba /Dimbulah Rd just west of Arriga Rd intersection (22 west of Mareeba). Heading
towards West Barron Catchment Dam.
GLOSSY IBIS (1) - Mal Macdonald.25/11/2012 - 1530 hrs. Near corner of Dimbulah Rd and
Arriga Rd. Feeding in an irrigation ditch.
Interesting article in the "Sun" (21/11/12). It quotes that "myna birds eat the babies
of little sunbirds and doves." Has anyone ever seen that?
PURPLE SWAMPHEN - Birding cairns et al.4/11/12 - Centenary lakes from the Freshwater
Lake overflow bridge. Unusual record.
GREY TEAL (6) - The Four o'clock Club.20/11/12 - Cairns Esplanade, standing in the
seagrass at high tide.
AUSTRALIAN MAGPIE (1)-Harvey Rich.16/11/12 -Redlynch beside Crystal Cascades road near

school.Also seen recently Great billed heron botanical gardens,Pitta and Red necked
crake calling red arrow walk, Black cockatoos , airport feeding on native almonds (19/11/12)
PALLID CUCKOO - Dominic Funnell.12/11/12 - adult in my garden in Yorkeys Knob, showing
well in the trees before flying off
ORIENTAL CUCKOO - Dominic Funnell14/11/12 - adult at Cattana Wetlands
RED KNEED DOTTEREL - Dominic Funnell.17/11/12 - three at Cattana Wetlands along with two
Julia Hazel has started a new website for Pied Imperial Pigeon
If you notice any interesting PIP behaviour, changes in range, find any nests on the
mainland, or just want to learn more, please go to the website below and record your
GREAT BOWERBIRD - Ron and Lin Hill.,16/11/12 - Deep Creek, Kewarra Beach. 4.20pm. Seen
from our garden in Monterey Street harassing a nesting Baza. BANDED HONEYEATER (2) -
Barbara Warren,13/11/2012 Pleasant Close, Mareeba
13/11/12, at 1500 hrs, Brady's Dam, 5 k north of Mareeba. Also Red-kneed Dotterel
(1),Black-fronted Dotterel (2), Common Sandpiper (2), Magpie Goose, Plumed Whistling
Duck, Black Duck, Wood Duck, Grey Teal, Aust. Grebe, Masked Lapwing, Dollarbird, Brown
Falcon, Aust. Mudlark and Willie Wagtail. Probable Marsh Sandpiper, but far off near the
rear bank and lost it in the crowd of ducks. Anybody like to have a look with a scope to
confirm? Water level has dropped again so the the mud banks have reappeared and good
numbers of birds are here.
LITTLE CURLEW (1)- Carol Iles,10/11/12 Yorkeys Knob (Beach) Rd, south side, on short
grass near KEEP OUT sign opposite horse paddocks where an imm. Golden Plover was
feeding, chased by Masked Lapwings.
BLACK-FACED WOODSWALLOW (2) Carol Iles + 4,09/11/12 East Mary Rd, Mt Carbine.
COTTON PYGMY GOOSE (pair) - Carol Iles + guests,07/11/12 Daintree River, seen from Ian
"Sauce" Worcester's boat trip.
Julia Hazel has started a new website for Pied Imperial Pigeons.
If you notice any interesting PIP behaviour, changes in range, find any nests on the
mainland, or just want to learn more, please go to the website below and record your
RADJAH SHELDUCK (+7 young) - John Seale, 2/11/12 - Centenary Lakes. The young were quite
large so must have been around for a while.
SCALY-BREASTED LORIKEET (Several hundred) - F&D HARRISON,1/11/12 - Cairns Airport
(International Section).
RUDDY TURNSTONE (juvenile) - 4 O'Clock Club ,1/11/12 - Cairns RSL
BEACH STONE-CURLEW (2) - Di Harrison,28/10/12 - Frankland Islands
SOOTY OYSTERCATCHER (2) Brett Kelly (Thala),31/10/12 3klm north of Ellis Beach
BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE - G. Winterflood,31/10/12 - Hovering just off McFarlane Drive,
Kanimbla. Not sighted in this area for about three years.
GREAT BILLED HERON (1) - David Anderson,31/10/12 Flying near Captain Cook Hwy Clifton
28/10/12 - A new and perhaps unwelcome local species for me was a Eurasian Starling on
flooded fields just north of Brady's Lagoon (which is 4 km north of Mareeba).
CASSOWARY (+ 3 chicks) - Phil Gregory
28/10/12 - Doing well at Black Mt Road, and the big female was in today looking much
better then when I saw her looking tatty and exhausted about a month ago, her bald
patches have healed up well.
Phil Gregory 's sundry observations.
Still 2 Radjah Shelduck at Cairns Centenary Lakes, feeding with Black Ducks and both
Magpie and Feral geese from a tourist giving out bread.
No Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher yet, the early ones look to have gone through but I
heard none at Kingfisher Park, Black Mt Road Kuranda or Daintree on Oct 30.
A couple of Black Bittern and 3 nests of Papuan Frogmouth on Sauce's Daintree river
Maryfarms had about 6 Aus Bustards, 5 Aus Pratincoles and about 8 Diamond Doves along
the West Mary Road on Oct 30.
MAGPIE GOOSE (300+) - Mal Macdonald
12/10/12 - 0620 AM, Chettle Road, Arriga (off Mareeba to Dimbulah Rd), opposite West
Barron Catchment Dam, feeding in recently harvested cane paddock. Been there most
mornings over at least the last ten days with numbers varying between <100>data-blogger-escaped-nbsp="nbsp" data-blogger-escaped-to="to">300.
SATIN FLYCATCHERS, male and female. Helen Hamley, Phil Venables
Monday 15/10/2012, 6:45 am Saddle Mountain Road area - Kuranda.
DOLLARBIRD (1) - Terry Warren
7/10/12. Henry Hannam Drive, Mareeba.
CASSOWARY crossing road leads to seven in hospital and two wrecked cars reports the
Cairns Post.


KING QUAIL (1) - Mal Macdonald
27/09/12 - 0445 hrs, Lotus Glen Correctional Centre. Lone female bird
encountered at very close range while patrolling prison on foot. Seen
here reasonably often at night, mostly in ones and twos.
KING QUAIL and RED-BACKED BUTTON QUAIL have both been recently (17/9/12) reported from Cattana Wetlands
DOLLARBIRD - Brian and Phil Venables.
24/9/12 - 14:00 - 25 Gregory Terrace Kuranda - Our first for the season.
COTTON PYGMY-GOOSE (2) - Mal Macdonald
22/09/12 - 1220 hrs, Mount Albion Dam, Herberton to Petford Rd. Male & female. Also Black Swan, Hardhead Duck, Black Duck, Little Pied Cormorant, Aust Grebe.
COTTON PYGMY-GOOSE (3) - Mal Macdonald
22/09/12 - 1400 hrs, Ibis Dam, Irvinebank. Male & two females. Also Black Duck, Hardhead, Purple Swamphen, Dusky Moorhen. Many very conspicuous Noisy & Little Friarbirds feeding in nearby trees.
BARKING OWL (1) - Mal Macdonald
22/09/12 - 2210 hrs, Dimbulah. On the main road through town. Feeding on a small mammal (glider?) on the edge of the bitumen. Able to watch it for several minutes as it dismembered the carcass, before carrying it off to nearby trees. Have photos, so will try to identify the victim.
19/09/12 - 1820 hrs, East Barron Irrigation Dam, Henry Hannam Drive/Emerald Falls Road. A single bird flushed from reeds, flew 50 metres to anther reed bed and began calling. Answered by other concealed birds
KING QUAIL (1) - Mal Macdonald,27/09/12 - 0445 hrs, Lotus Glen Correctional Centre. Lone female birdencountered at very close range while patrolling prison on foot. Seen here reasonably often at night, mostly in ones and twos.
KING QUAIL and RED-BACKED BUTTON QUAIL have both been recently (17/9/12) reported from Cattana Wetlands
DOLLARBIRD - Brian and Phil Venables.,24/9/12 - 14:00 - 25 Gregory Terrace Kuranda - Our first for the season.
COTTON PYGMY-GOOSE (2) - Mal Macdonald,22/09/12 - 1220 hrs, Mount Albion Dam, Herberton to Petford Rd. Male & female. Also Black Swan, Hardhead Duck, Black Duck, Little Pied Cormorant, Aust Grebe.
COTTON PYGMY-GOOSE (3) - Mal Macdonald,22/09/12 - 1400 hrs, Ibis Dam, Irvinebank. Male & two females. Also Black Duck, Hardhead, Purple
Swamphen, Dusky Moorhen. Many very conspicuous Noisy & Little Friarbirds feeding in nearby trees.
BARKING OWL (1) - Mal Macdonald
22/09/12 - 2210 hrs, Dimbulah. On the main road through town. Feeding on a small mammal (glider?) on
the edge of the bitumen. Able to watch it for several minutes as it dismembered the carcass, before
carrying it off to nearby trees. Have photos, so will try to identify the victim.
WHITE-BROWED CRAKE - Mal Macdonald,19/09/12 - 1820 hrs, East Barron Irrigation Dam, Henry Hannam Drive/Emerald Falls Road. A single bird
flushed from reeds, flew 50 metres to anther reed bed and began calling. Answered by other concealed
COMMON KOEL (1) - Mal Macdonald,18/09/12 - 0800 hrs, Dimbulah. Calling persistently from a leopard tree in my neighbour's yard. My first Koel here since Feb 1st.
PURPLE SWAMPHEN (3) - Mal Macdonald,18/09/12 - 0755 hrs, Dimbulah. Wading in a small shallow puddle in the middle of the highway near the pub. Oblivious to the traffic. First ones seen away from the Walsh River since last wet season.
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO - Andy Anderson,,18/09/12 - 0215 hrs, flying over downtown Cairns.
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOOs - Virginia Simmonds,They have been very vocal around Lake Tinaroo for about 10 days and nights. Today I saw a Peewee seeing one off. Round about 24th,25th of August two grey falcons flew into a tree near my house (Lake Tinaroo) but only stayed a few minutes. Most notable feature was the wings, too pointy for goshawk.
GREAT CRESTED GREBE (2) - Mal Macdonald,17/9/12 -0700 hrs, West Barron Irrigation Dam, corner Chettle & Dimbulah/Mareeba Roads. Also Aust Grebe, Coot (100+ in tight flock), Brown Quail, Aust Hobby, Whistling Kite, Little Pied Cormorant, Little Black Cormorant, Darter, Black Swan, Hardhead Duck, White Ibis, Sarus Crane, Jacana, Pheasant Coucal and Silver Gull. Nearby cane paddocks are getting harvested now, so plenty of Brolga & Sarus Crane, Cattle Egret, Black Kite, Whistling Kite, Bustard etc in those areas. Also, plenty of Noisy & Little Friarbird appeared in Dimbulah in the last ten days or so.
AUSTRALASIAN GREBE-(10)- Del. Richards.
15/09/12 - On lake near Port Douglas.
15/09/12 - Mt. Molloy.
VICTORIA'S RIFLEBIRD - Birding Cairns et al
16/9/12 - Wonderful views of juvenile birds displaying to each other at Lake Eacham car park.
SHINING BRONZE CUCKOO - Birding Cairns et al
16/9/12 - Still good numbers heard around Lake Eacham and Gadgarra NP.
YELLOW-BILLED SPOONBILL (1, possibly 2) - Anthony Kinread.
15/09/12 - 18.00. Two birds seen flying together in a south-easterly direction from the bridge over Saltwater Creek, Centenary Lakes. One bird was clearly a Yellow-billed, but I was unable to see the head of the second bird by the time I looked at it due to angle and distance. It is not unreasonable to assume that it may well have been the same species however.
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO - Mal Macdonald,13/09/12 - 1440 hrs, downtown Dimbulah. Flying overhead and calling. First one I've observed here since the beginning of February.
Birdlife NQ had a very interesting trip up to Silver Plains on Cape York last week.
Of interest, were some grey colored Fawn-breasted Bowerbirds. I am assuming that these are juveniles but can't find grey birds described in any of my literature here.
Presumeably this is normal but I am just writing to ask, has anyone recorded this before?
To avoid clogging up your inbox with pictures I made a visit report in html
SHINING BRONZE CUCKOO - Anthony Kinread.5/9/12 - 13.30. Heard calling intermittently from the forest opposite the Botanical Gardens for a few minutes, audible from my study window, Collins Avenue, Edge Hill.
SHINING BRONZE-CUCKOO - Brian Venables,4/9/12 - 11:33 - Botanical Gardens McCormack St and in my yard in McCormack St calling from time to time all morning. (Ed. Both Twitchathon teams had them on the tableland on Sat.)


ESPLANADE NEWS - It looks like some waders have returned. Several Curlew S/pipers in breeding plumage, one Sharp-Tailed S/P and 20+ Eastern Curlews and generally many more birds incl both Sand-plovers.

RUFOUS WHISTLER (2) - Birding Cairns et al,2/9/12 - Centenary Lakes. Unusual record for the Lakes
YELLOW SPOONBILL - The Three Babblers (Twitchathon team),1/9/12 - In pond just south of Mark's Lane/Hasties junction, Kennedy Highway, Atherton
GREAT-BILLED HERON - Graham Snell,24/8/12 Warrina Lakes Innisfail. Flew up out of drain when flushed
GREAT-BILLED HERON - John Seale et al,25/8/12 North end of Hill Road, Edmonton. Flew up out of mangrove creek.
LITTLE KINGFISHER - Phil Gregory et al ,21/8/12 In front of hide at Hastie's Swamp, my first sighting from here, and amazingly obliging.
RADJAH SHELDUCK (15) - Phil Gregory et al,21/8/12 - Barra Farm near Wonga beach
PIED IMPERIAL PIGEON - Andy Anderson,23/8/12 - Seen mating in a tree on the Esplanade.
WOOD DUCK - John Seale et al'27/8/12 - Yorkey's Knob golf lagoon. I've never seen this on the coast in 8yrs here.
BLACK-FACED MONARCH(2) - Alan Gillanders'26/08/12 Lake Barrine. At least two birds calling but not seen.
TOOTH-BILLED BOWERBIRDS 6) - Alan Gillanders'26/08/12 Lake Barrine. These birds are on their courts again.
AUSTRALIAN FERNWREN 2 Alan Gillanders'26/08/12 Mt Hypipamee. One bird fed the other but it was not determined if it was a young or mate.
note Boatbills are back calling again at the Crater Lakes and the Curtain Figtree. The Chowchillas were calling again also. No idea why they were not last week.
COMMON TERN (15) - Andy anderson + Kerry (Innisfail)'26/8/12 - Flying south along cairns Esplanade.
LITTLE KINGFISHER - Alan Gillanders'25/08/12 - Hasties Swamp in front of hide
GREAT-BILLED HERON - Graham Snell ,24/8/12 Warrina Lakes Innisfail. Flew up out of drain when flushed
GREAT-BILLED HERON - John Seale et al,25/8/12 North end of Hill Road, Edmonton. Flew up out of mangrove creek.
LITTLE KINGFISHER - Phil Gregory et al ,21/8/12 In front of hide at Hastie's Swamp, my first sighting from here, and amazingly obliging.
RADJAH SHELDUCK (15) - Phil Gregory et al,21/8/12 - Barra Farm near Wonga beach
PIED IMPERIAL PIGEON - Andy Anderson,23/8/12 - Seen mating in a tree on the Esplanade.
ROSEATE TERN - Various Michalmas Cay visitors.20/8/12 - Michalmas cay.
BUSTARD (1) - Denis Walls19/08/12 South of Mossman near Mowbray River in field by the road. This is the first time that I have seen one in the coastal lowlands.
SUPERB FRUIT-DOVE – Catherine Hirsch17/8/12 - Vico St Gordonvale -A male feeding in our large fig tree
BARRED CUCKOO-SHRIKE – Catherine Hirsch18/8/12 – 9 am. Vico St G’vale- about a dozen feeding in the same fig tree.
TAHITI PETREL - Phil Gregory et al19/8/12 - Good trip out from Cairns to the Cay on Seastar, great crew and very helpful with facilitating for the birders: Biggest surprise was a solitary Tahiti Petrel some way off to the N of the Cay, completely unexpected here as I almost never see pelagic seabirds on this trip.
Great Frigatebird 2
Lesser Frigatebird 2
Brown Booby 20 ad and 2 imm,. much paler brown than shown in the Simpson & Day or Pizzey & Knight FG's but sadly with the breast demarcation and yellowish-green legs.
Crested Tern 20 (but no Lesser Crested)
Little Tern 10
Sooty Tern 300
Brown Booby 50
Ruddy Turnstone 2
Reef Egret 1
Humpback Whale 1 female with calf, which breached very nicely several times, a great sight.

PIED IMPERIAL PIGEON (7) - Greg Bortolussi,14/08/12 Wharf end of Sheridan St flying towards East Trinity
TORRESIAN CROW (2) - Greg Bortolussi,14/08/12 Wharf end of Dutton St and Bunda St mainly around the Cement Australia towers.
NOISY PITTA - Brian Venables,14/8/12 - 06:30 - Botanical Gardens/Centenary Lakes Boardwalk
Close to the boardwalk and vocal near the giant Melaleuca
LITTLE KINGFISHER (2) - Brian Venables 14/8/12 - 06:45 - Freshwater Lake/Centenary Lakes
SQUARE-TAILED KITE - Andy Anderson, late report. 21/07/12 Mt Molloy, Eucalypt woodland behind Vain's Park, (enter via Norris Rd).Was very busy re-organising the old nest. Very approachable.
RED-TAILED BLACK COCKATOO - John Crowhurst saw 3 near cairns central on 12/08/12
LATHAM'S SNIPE (?) - John Seale,11/8/12 - Magpie Geese roost, 3km north of Mareeba
BLACK FALCON 1 Alan Gillanders,11/08/12 - Atherton Airfield southern end.
SNIPE (GALLINAGO sp) 1 Alan Gillanders and Dominik Wiesner,11/08/12 - Henry Hannam Drive 7 km from Jump Up, 17* 03' 55" S, 145* 28' 04.46" E
PAINTED BUTTON QUAIL(3) David Anderson,10/8/12 Springvale Rd Herberton
RUFOUS FANTAIL (1) -Del Richards.07/08/12 Cooya Beach in mangroves.
LATHAM'S SNIPE (1) -Del Richards.08/08/12 Lake Mitchell. Early record? WHITE-WINGED TRILLER (1) -Del. Richards.08/08/12 Lake Mitchell, male in breeding plumage.

RED-TAILED BLACK COCKATOO - Have these birds finally left the Cairns area?. I have not seen any for several weeks.

PIED IMPERIAL PIGEON (3) - Birding Cairns Lakes walk (Also reported by Shirley ?? 2 days earlier).

5/8/12 - I have had NO reports of over-wintering birds so these may be some first returns to Cairns.
PIED IMPERIAL PIGEON (4) - Dominic chaplin4/8/12 - Low Isles (Off Port Douglas) - New arrivals this month. Also BEACH STONE CURLEW (2) and TEREK SANDPIPER (1), GREATER SAND PLOVER (4), COMMON SANDPIPER (1), GREAT KNOT (1), GREY TAILED TATTLER (1), RUDDY TURNSTONE (2) Overwintering waders?
GLOSSY IBIS (7) - David Anderson
OLIVE BACKED ORIOLE (Juv) - Birding Cairns Lakes walk

5/8/12 - Often seen as winter visitors to the Lakes area.
WEDGE-TAILED EAGLE - Mal Macdonald19/7/12 - 1700 hrs, East Barron Storage Dam, cnr Emerald Falls Rd & Henry Hannam Drive, Mareeba. A walk around the dam also turned up Osprey (on nest), Brown Falcon, Whistling Kite, Black Kite, Willie Wagtail, Aust Mudlark, Little Black Cormorant, Little Black Cormorant, Darter, Jacana, Intermediate Egret, Sarus Crane (15 on the cow paddock next door), Pale-headed Rosella, Brown Honeyeater, Red-backed Wren, Golden-headed Cisticola and Pheasant Coucal. Also 30 unidentified cranes overhead and White-throated Warbler heard repeatedly, but not seen.
SARUS CRANE & BROLGA (80+) - Mal Macdonald19/7/12 - Dimbulah Road/Vaughan St, Mareeba, outbound on right hand side of road, on fallow paddock behind the last mangoes just before the rodeo grounds. Have been here for at least a week. Easy place for visiting birders to tick off both cranes.
AUSTRALIAN BUSTARD (14) - Mal Macdonald17/7/12 - 0700 hrs, corner Bourke Development Rd & Bruce Weir Rd,Dimbulah. Group of 14 birds feeding in recently harvested sugar cane paddock.
VICTORIA'S RIFLEBIRD - Alan Gillanders and guests,15/07/12 Displaying at Lake Eacham, Lake Barrine and Mt Hypipamee
YELLOW-BREASTED BOATBILL - Alan Gillanders and guests 15/07/12 two males in territorial dispute, Lake Barrine
BROWN FALCON(1) - Barbara Warren11/7/12 Pleasant Close, Mareeba
SACRED KINGFISHER(1) - Barbara Warren16/7/12 Pleasant Close, Mareeba
PACIFIC BLACK DUCK - John Seale,??/7/12 - Taken by a brown dog from Hastie's Swamp and chewed upon on the lawn of the opposite house.
NANKEEN NIGHT-HERON (18). John Pearson and Norton Gill.26/06/12 (0800). Esplanade Cairns. In the two Fig trees across the road from RATTLE’N’HUM and MCDONALD’S.
BLACK-NECKED STORK - Norton Gill.22/06/12 (1130) - Cairns Esplanade. (Ed. These have not been seen for many months at this location)
RUFOUS OWL - Norton Gill21/6/12 - In a shady fig tree exactly opposite the manin entrance to Cairns Base hospital on the Esplanade. Disturbed at 0800 am and flew to fig tree and stayed there for rest of the day.
DIAMOND DOVE (40+) - Carol Iles and guests David & Roma20/06/12 - Delighted to see two on barbed wire fence on West Mary Rd, nr Mt Carbine. Amazed then to see approx 40 more fly up from the grass, cross the road, and all land together in one of the plantation mango trees, picture perfect in the late afternoon sun.
GREY GOSHAWK (1) WHITE MORPH - Frank & Di Harrison.15/06/12 - Our home Whitfield
BLACK-EARED CUCKOO - Frank Harrison20/6/12 - Our home Whitfield
BRUSH TURKEY (adolescent) Frank & Di Harrison et alThroughout June 2012 - Our home Whitfield
Maintaining & guarding nest but burying & incubating not eggs but fallen passion fruit!
CAPE BARREN GOOSE - one has been reported near Lake Tinaroo (See local Eremaea site).

GREY GOSHAWK (1) WHITE MORPH - Norton Gill.14/06/12 (0914). Les Davies Park. Northern end. Photos taken.
SQUARE-TAILED KITE (1) - Barbara Warren11/6/2012 Pleasant Close, Mareeba
RED-BACKED KINGFISHER - Frank & Di Harrison9/6/12 - On ground, in a wan state. Smithfield.
BARRED CUCKOO SHRIKE (6) - Anthony Kinread.09/06/2012- 17.15hrs. Flew out of a large tree at the Eastern end of Woodward Street, Edge Hill and towards Collins. Relocated in Collins Avenue in a large tree across the road from my apartment.
TOPKNOT PIGEONS (c.30) - Frank & Di Harrison7/6/12 - Our home, Whitfield.
LITTLE EAGLE - Frank Harrison8/6/12 - Our home, Whitfield.
CRESTED SHRIKE-TIT. (4 birds)-Lin and Ron HillMay 30.- Carrington Road, Atherton. This bird has been our 'bogey bird' us for the past 10 years.
BROWN FALCON & friends - Mal Macdonald11/7/12 - 1700 hrs, Leadingham Creek Rd, Dimbulah. Gathered around the squashed carcasses of a wallaby & Blue-winged Kookaburra together on the road were an unusual crowd of birds....the Brown Falcon, another (live) Blue-winged Kookaburra, Straw-necked Ibis, White-faced Heron and Torresian Crow.
SATIN FLYCATCHER - (Carol Iles and Shirley Foley)02/07/12. Male, 3 metres away, calling and bathing in the swimming pool at Thala Beach Resort.
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO (1) - Greg Bortolussi30/6/12 - Shannonvale Road South Mossman. Heard calling in flight on the hill above Shannonvale Road. I grew up in the area and have never encountered these birds at this time of the year.
BARRED CUCKOO-SHRIKE. - Brian Venables. 29/6/12 - 06:45 - Boardwalk - Centenary Lakes. Calling from canopy at Freshwater Lake end.
FOREST KINGFISHER - John Seale16/7/12 - Centenary Lakes. First one I've seen here for a couple of years.
LITTLE TERN (4) - Four o'clock Club15/7/12 - Not usually seen in our winter or this time of dry season.
FRIGATE BIRD (4+) - Harvey Rich.14/7/12- Palm Cove jetty . Birds were flying low over jetty and swooping low and into the water to take bait fish thrown into the sea by anglers on the jetty.A great show from this large sea bird.
(From Adrian Walsh - who I don't know, or cannot remember)
Just thought you would be interested to know that about 6 Lesser Frigatebirds were seen gliding low over Palm Cove jetty today (14th) – a combination of male/female at 3.30pm before moving off towards the mountains,
LARGE OWL - Harvey Rich.10/7/12 - This was reported to me by a bird watcher friend. The owl was seen at dawn in McLeod street perched on a building. The owl had caught a domestic pigeon and when disturbed by the watcher flew away with the struggling pigeon in its talons.
GLOSSY IBIS (16) - Mal Macdonald5/6/12 - 1645 hrs, East Barron Storage dam, cnr Henry Hannam Drive & Cobra Rd, near Mareeba. Flying back and forth many times around the dam. Reluctant to land because of my presence.
BOOBOOK OWL (1) - Mal Macdonald6/6/12 - 2100 hrs, hunting in my front yard in Dimbulah for some hours. Heard in the neighbourhood for many months, but my first actual sighting.
MASKED LAPWING (106+) - Del. Richards.30/05/12 - Bonnie Doon Road, Cooya Beach. in previously flooded cane paddock. Largest flock observed in 17 years.
LITTLE EAGLE - (1)- Del. Richards.30/05/12 - Above Little Mitchell Creek, south of Mt. Molloy.
PIED & GREAT CORMORANT -( Singles) - Del. Richards.30/05/12 - Lake Mitchell, both uncommon in Wet Tropics.
BUSTARD 2 Alan Gillanders ,31/05/12 Forsayth Road off Marks Lane, Atherton
RED-BACKED KINGFISHER 1 Alan Gillanders 31/05/12 Forsayth Road off Marks Lane, Atherton
SQUARE-TAILED KITE 1 Alan Gillanders 31/05/12 east edge of Atherton
TOP-KNOT PIGEON (10; 10+; 20; 30) – Jenn Muir,16/05/12 - 8.55 am (approx 10); 18/05/12 –9.15 am (10+); 26/05/12 – 11 am (approx 20); 29/05/2012 – 11 am (approx 30) – flock with numbers increasing, loafing in emergent tree of riverine forest along Freshwater Creek near Goomboora Park.
AZURE KINGFISHER – Jenn Muir,26/05/2012 9.15 am – feeding from exposed log in partly-flooded Freshwater Creek after two days heavy rain.
PACIFIC BAZA – Jenn Muir,As at 29/05/2012, particularly over past two or three weeks, occasionally two individuals (a pair?) either gliding overhead, or perched in emergent tree of riverine forest along Freshwater Creek near Goomboora Park.
WHITE-NECKED HERON – Jenn Muir,22/05/12 (0830) - Standing on ground beside cane-field at corner Redlynch Connection Road and Cairns Western Arterial Road.
TOPKNOT PIGEON - Greg Bortolussi,21/5/12 - A few flocks (of about 20-25) of what may have been Topknot Pigeons flying around the CBD towards the sugar terminal (Portsmith area) up until lunchtime today.
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO - Andrew Ford,4/5/12 - Seen on Marnane road, Tandara (???). Glided ungracefully onto road and couldn’t fly, juvenile with no red and missing all tail feathers. Scrambled off onto tall grasses….maybe was mothered by a coucal!!!! Similar sighting re Carol Iles.
GREY FANTAIL - Birding Cairns field trip,20/5/12 - Along Fassio Rd, Mareeba we saw a Grey fantail caught in a spiders web. Photos were taken of the bird before and after release.
BROLGA (7) - Carol Iles,19/5/12 Seven Brolgas gliding high up over East Mary Rd,, North of Mt Molloy, then twisting and dropping down, presumed landing near foot of mts to the north-east but lost behind trees.
BROLGA (40-100+) - Mal Macdonald,17/5/12 - 0645 hrs, Chettle Rd (off Dimbulah Rd), Arriga. Large flocks, varied in number, feeding every morning for the last week or so on a bare cane paddock that's under irrigation, just south of West Barron dam. Plus a few Sarus Cranes with them.
BLACK-BREASTED BUZZARD - Carol Iles + 2,15/05/12 - Adult bird cruising eastwards low over West Mary Rd then over Mary Creek, east of Mt Carbine
MAGPIE GOOSE - John Seale,15/5/12 - The Cemtenary Lakes nesting pair (trio) have 5 goslings and were on the grassy island in the freshwater lake.DOUBLE-BANDED PLOVER (1) – Hidetoshi Kudo,14-05-2012 - 09:00 - At the mouth of Barron River, Machans Beach
AUSTRALIAN HOBBY - Graham Winterflood,14/5/12 - Flying at tree top height over Kanimbla (Cairns)
PAPUAN FROGMOUTH - John Seale,7/5/12 - A single bird has returned to it's roost near the saltwater Creek footbridge (Cent. Lakes) and another has returned to the Podocarpus trees in the Gondwana walk area of the Botanic Gdns.
CRANES - Carol Iles,10/5/12: 22 Cranes (possibly more over brow of hill) on slope up East Barron Road next to Gallo Cheese and Chocolate shop, Malanda-Atherton Raod. In heat haze all appeared to be Sarus. (Only ones we saw in 3 days meandering round Atherton/Malanda area.)
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO (Juv) - Graham Snell,5/5/12 - Japoonvale, (Near Innisfail) showing no fear of humans.V.close
STRIATED PARDALOTE - Birding Cairns croc farm visit,4/5/12 - Building a nest in a pile of soil dumped near the croc farm's overflow ponds.
RUFOUS OWL- Brian Venables, Eva Oomen.1/5/2012 - 20:30 - Boardwalk Centenary Lakes. Calling from the canopyat the Collins Ave start of boardwalk. Also Helen Venables reported tome the remains of a Striped Possum on the boardwalk yesterday the 4/5/12 on her morning walk.
OLIVE-BACKED ORIOLE 1 Alan Gillanders,6/5/12 Quincan Close, Yungaburra. This immature has been hanging around for nearly two weeks now: an unusual time of year.
DOUBLE-EYED FIG-PARROT 6 Alan Gillanders 6/5/12 Quincan Close, Yungaburra.
GOLDEN BOWERBIRD 2+ Alan Gillanders 7/5/12 Mt Hypipamee, feeding on Polyscias elegans on access road, adult male at bower, young male playing with fruit on ground.
TOOTH-BILLED BOWERBIRD 2 Alan Gillanders 7/5/12 Mt Hypipamee, feeding on Polyscias elegans on access road
BLUE-FACED PARROT-FINCH 25+ Alan Gillanders 7/5/12 McKell and Kenny Roads Atherton Tablelands. Many young birds.
COLLARED SPARROWHAWK 1 Alan Gillanders,7/5/12 Stonehouse Road, Atherton Tablelands. A young male sitting on a guide posts even after I had driven past. stopped and viewed him through the bins.
SOUTHERN CASSOWARY [FRESH SCATS] Alan Gillanders ,7/5/12 Mt Hypipamee, feeding on Polyscias elegans, Aceratium doggrellii (the major food by bulk), Ficus sp. (probably Watkinsiana), Vitaceae sp
BARKING OWL - Mal Macdonald,5/5/12 - 2100 hrs, perched on my front gate in Dimbulah for an hour or so. One of a pair that I can see and hear all around the neighbourhood very often, but the first sighting actually in my own yard.
LITTLE KINGFISHER - Mal Macdonald,7/5/12 - 1645 hrs, adjacent to western branch of Centenary Lakes boardwalk, near trail marker "2," at the start of the gravel track. Fishing over the water. Used 3 different perches over a 15 minute period.
BUFF-BREASTED PARADISE KINGFISHER - Keith/Lindsey Fisher,4/5/12 - We still had a lone bird today, but haven't managed to see it since. This is quite late as the rest had all left about two weeks ago.
Also a Little Kingfisher has been seen at our ponds over the last four days.
AUSTRALIAN PELICAN (30+) - The 4 o'clock Club,4/5/12 - Esplanade, cairns. The most seen for over 2 years.
SWAMP HARRIER - Cairns Birding 4/5/12 - Wright's Ck crocodile farm.
GALAH - John Seale.4/5/12 - France Road, Edmonton. Feeding on the turf farm. (Escapee??)
CHANNEL-BILL CUCKOO - Carol Iles.03/5/12 - Immature bird (pale, no red, rufous-spotted) on ground at bird-friendly Mount Carbine Caravan Park. Apparently unable to fly. Crept into thick cover. (Resident bird-carer unfortunately away if this proved to be sick or injured.)
TATTLER ?? - The 4 o'clock Club.3/5/12 - Cairns Esplanade . 2 very brown looking tattlers with NO barring or other marks. called like a G'T Tattler. All smooth brown with white belly, yellow legs.
MASKED LAPWING - Carol Iles,20/4/12 - Leucistic (white) bird with normal birds on Golf Course, Mareeba.
RED-BACKED BUTTON-QUAIL - Carol Iles ,4/12 Male bird rescued by neighbour from cattle trough, Julatten, floating "like a little duck". Shut in a box with a hot water bottle most of day. On release, flew out like a rocket, high, far and fast.
GOLDEN BOWERBIRD - Jonathan Munro et al.22/4/12 - calling adult male at freshly decorated and refurbished bower. Near Ravenshoe.Unusual at this time of year.
NANKEEN NIGHT-HERON (5). Norton Gill. 0745..23/04/12. In Figtree across the road from RATTLE ‘N’ HUM. 67 Esplanade Cairns
SQUARE-TAILED KITE (1) - Jun Matsui.22/4/2012 Flying around Coles, Mareeba. At about 12:30 in the afternoon.
AUSTRALIAN PELICAN (1). 4 O’clock club.21/04/12. Esplanade.
BROWN QUAIL. FEMALE (1). Norton Gill.19/04/12. 1015. Corner of Lake and Smith streets, also in the roundabout
BUFF-BANDED RAIL. Paul Richardson, John Pearson and Norton Gill. 18/04/12. 1730. Corner of Upward and Abbott streets and Esplanade. Units called Curzon House. In their Garden
.BROWN FALCON (2) - Mal Macdonald,13/4/12 - One regular dark phase bird, but second bird had white breast, white face/head/crown with very light tan primaries, back & tail. Leadingham Ck Road, Dimbulah, at diesel tree farm next to the aerodrome. First seen perched in roadside trees, then hunting behind slasher mowing between rows in Pongamia paddock.
CHESTNUT-BREASTED MANNIKIN (2) - Greg Bortolussi,9/4/12 - Anderson Road Precinct Woree about 10am in the morning. A rare visitor to the neighbourhood with about 3 records in 4 years of rarely more than 7 birds to a flock.
BLACK-WINGED STILT - (2 + 4 CHICKS) - Pippy Cannon and Midge Bell,9/4/12 - Tingara St Portsmith,cairns. 2 adults with 4 chicks.
RED-BACKED KINGFISHER (1) - DEL. RICHARDS,04/04/12 - MOSSMAN on powerline in town on Wednesday morning. Very early record.
LITTLE KINGFISHER – Andrew & Trish Forsyth,31/03/2012 Red Mill House Pond. Daily visitor , feeding with pair of Azure Kingfishers.
DOLLARBIRD (1) - Barbara Warren,Last sighted 26/3/2012 at Pleasant Close, Mareeba
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO (7) – Jennifer Muir, birder from Perth,30 March 2012, 8.45 am – 7 scattered individuals (one after the other) flying in a south-east direction over Cool Waters Caravan Park lower level on Freshwater Creek. They were not calling, but their colour and crucifix body-shape in flight was unmistakable.
COMMON KOEL – Jennifer Muir, birder from Perth'Have heard female and male Common Koel calling (sometimes in reply to each other – female usually calling first) in Cool Waters Caravan Park, lower level, several times over the past few weeks.

MARCH 2012

ESPLANADE NEWS - A few Bar-tailed Godwits, Sand-plovers and Great Knot are beginning to colour up into breeding with very ruddy breast plumage. Some Red Knot also present.

CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO. (1) Norton Gill.,01/04/12 (1815) - Cairns esplanade Flying SOUTH.!!!
RED KNOT - BIRDLIFE Wave the Waders Goodbye happening.-31/3/12 - A bird in full breeding plumage. Next day 4 birds in full breeding and 5 more in non-breeding.
As usual, this turnout of 25+ birders attracted many questions from non-birding Esplanade users.
LITTLE KINGFISHER. Norton Gill.31/03/12. 1100. - Found stunned on Royal Harbour Driveway to Abbott st., Placed in box and released about one hour later. Left the box like a scud missile.
SQUARE-TAILED KITE (1) – Greg Bortolussi,31/3/2012 Flying around Anderson Rd Woree and the caravan park. A brief but spectacularly close look At about 14:14 in the afternoon.
FORK-TAILED SWIFT (1) – Greg Bortolussi,19/3/2012 – Single bird flying north-west over Anderson Rd Woree at about 18:00 in the evening.
COMMON KOEL (1) – Greg Bortolussi,29/3/2012 – Near Anderson Rd Woree. Male feeding on ripe palm seeds at about 13:00. Good views. This bird may have been the one calling early in the morning for the last week or so.
SATIN FLYCATCHER (Male) - carol and Andrew Iles,29/3/12 - Feeding in tree over Pinnacle Road, Julatten this morning.
PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVER.(10+) Norton Gill,28/03/12. 0840 - Airport Mangrove walk Northern end first clearing from car park.
FRIGATEBIRD (30+) - Pippi Cannon,21/3/12 - Flying around Machan's Beach for 3 days. Mostly Lesser F/B
FRIGATEBIRD (6) - The 4 O'clock Club,22/3/12 - Cairns Esplanade. One Lesser and 5 Great F/B. Prob due to the secere weatehr of recent days
COTTON PYGMY GOOSE (2) - Johns, Seale and Pearson,24/3/12 - Nardello's lagoon, Walkamin.
LESSER FRIGATEBIRD X 5 – Andrew & Trish Forsyth, Red Mill House,20/03/2012 Soaring – Mossman-Daintree Road, Rocky Point
DOLLARBIRD x 2 – Andrew & Trish Forsyth, Red Mill House,20/03/2012 on power lines, Mossman-Daintree Road, Wonga Beach
Juvenile Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfishers still being observed Stewart Creek Road, Daintree.
BLACK NODDY (1) - Norton Gill, Darren Phillips,19/03/12. 1730. Cairns Esplanade.
BLACK-FACED MONARCH - Tom Collis,18/3/12 - Feeding on a grasshopper at Kewarra Beach (near the range)
DOLLARBIRD(2) - Tom Collis,17/3/12 - Flying overhead at Kewarra Beach
BUSH STONE-CURLEW(30+) - Paul Richardson, Norton Gill.,17/03/12. 1415. Pony club land Wright's Park). Telford st. Woree.
BROWN QUAIL. (2) - Norton Gill.,16/03/12. 0815. Corner of Lake and Smith streets. Grassed vacant block.
LARGE-BILLED GERYGONE (1) - Barbara Warren,14/3/2012 Pleasant Close , Mareeba
PEREGRINE FALCON - Norton Gill,11/03/12. 1831. Perched on the SEBEL HOTEL SIGN, Cairns city.
GREY GOSHAWK - Norton Gill,06/03/12 (0914) - Munro Martin Park, cnr Florence/Grafton St, Cairns.
CORVIDS (possibly Little Crows 40+) - Graham Harrington.3/3/12 (on dusk) - Nr Jaggan 6km south of Malanda.
STUBBLE QUAIL (2) - Viginia Simmonds,23/2/12 - I was driving into the dairy farm near Kairi and saw a pair of stubble quail. I saw them
years ago with a string (must have been about a dozen) chicks trailing behind but this time I got a
positive id when I saw the little black patch on the chest of one.
MAGPIE GOOSE (9 GOSLINGS) - Cairns Birding et al, 4/3/12 - The goslings seem to be close to the very grassy island to the west of the toilet block in the Freshwater lake.
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO (1) - Greg Bortolussi,26/2/12 – flying north over the Anderson Road precinct Woree. Hear one also this morning heading north.
Migration north must be starting.


MAGPIE GOOSE (9 GOSLINGS) - Pippi Cannon,26/2/12 - Cairns Birding is proud to announce the arrival of 9 goslings in the afternoon at the Freshwater Lake, Greenslopes St,Cairns. The nest has been there approx 3 weeks.
NANKEEN NIGHT-HERON (1). Norton Gill,26/02/12. 0930hrs. Figtree, Across the Esplanade from Rattle `N’ Hum.
LITTLE KINGFISHER (1). Same Tree as above, Same time. Was still there at 1100hrs.
GREY GOSHAWK. (1) Norton Gill,25/02/12. 10:15hr - Private home high up above the Tanks Collins Av.
LITTLE KINGFISHER. (1). Norton Gill,25/02/12. 14:03hrs. Lily Creek Between Minnie and Upward streets. John Egan Park.

Norton also reported a plastic bag stuck in an Esplanade tree seemed to be mobbed by Honeyeaters, Yellow, Brown and Varied. Norton could see no other cause of the birds alrms calls.

BARKING OWL (1) - Mal Macdonald,19/02/12, 2330 hrs - Dimbulah soccer grounds, perched on the top crossbar of soccer goals. Heard the bird's hissing/screeching call in the dark, returned ten minutes later with a torch. The bird allowed me to get within 5 metres and held it's position. Presumably one of a pair I've seen around the neighbourhood.
RED-NECKED CRAKES- Lin and Ron Hill.m16/2/12 5-15pm Kewarra Beach Garden. 2 adults busily feeding 4 black, fluffy, newly hatched chicks.We watched them on and off for about an hour and a quarter and have them on film.
RUFF - Graham Snell 15/2/2012 - 10:39 - Clump Point . On e bird on the rocks at Clump Point.
ESPLANADE NEWS - A few Bar-tailed Godwits are beginning to colour up into breeding with very ruddy breast plumage
RED KNOT (2) - Brian Wright.15/2/12 - Cairns Esplanade
GREAT-BILLED HERON - Frank and Di Harrison/Brian Wright14/2/12 (1845) - The Esplanade in front of the Holiday Inn.
YELLOW-RUMPED MANNIKIN - John Pearson,14/2/12 - Along Callum St, Mooroobool (a Cairns suburb)
CHANNEL-BILLED CUCKOO (2) - Mal Macdonald,5/2/12, 1645 hrs. Two fledglings in a crow's (?) nest up high voltage tower on highway to Chillagoe, 300 metres west of Almaden aerodrome sign, or 2.5 klm east of Four Mile Creek.
LITTLE BITTERN (Adult + juv) - Tony Katon (Sydney birder)2/2/12 - Cattana wetlands approx 60m east of the southern hide on the main lake.
LITTLE KINGFISHER and RED-NECKED CRAKE – David OBrien5/2/12 Gatton Street near Cairns TAFE. Unfortunately both were dead (probably roadkills)
RED-NECKED CRAKE -Anthony Kinread.One seen daily this week (1st-4th Feb) in the courtyard of the Mental Health Unit, Cairns Base Hospital usually after heavy rain; also seen in the flowerbeds out the front and back by myself and work colleagues. I am also seeing this species regularly from the Centenary Lakes Boardwalk shortly after dawn.
PALE- VENTED BUSH HEN - Anthony Kinread. 0630am; 22nd January? One bird by a small pool at the end of the Centenary Lakes Boardwalk two weeks ago, which flew into the forest as I approached. The pool was alive with Graceful Tree Frogs after a night of heavy rain.
BLACK BITTERN -Anthony Kinread. 0640am; 28th January. Flushed from the same pool which was now full of tadpoles which it was probably hunting
SATIN BOWERBIRD - Jonathan Munro et al.02/2/12. Very new bower along my driveway since 1st Feb. All activity at last years bower appeared to have ceased by early January. The bird has now completely rebuilt his bower about 20 metres down the driveway back to his original 2010 site. The bower was completed in a single day. He also carried all his blue 'trophies' to the new bower on the same day...! This bird when active at his bowers has been filmed by about a dozen international film crews. He can easily be
identified by a mark on his right wing and is known to be at least 16 years old.
STUBBLE QUAIL (2) - Jonathan Munro et al.02/2/12. On my lawn near Ravenshoe. The birds were being harrassed by Brown Quail....!
EMU (11) - Jonathan Munro et al.02/2/12. near Ravenshoe. A group of 9 and then ten klms further on
another 2 birds.
CRANES (54) - Jonathan Munro et al.02/2/12. near Ravenshoe. All Brolgas except for a single male Sarus
paired to a female Brolga some distance away from the main flock. Very late for these birds to still be here.
PALE-VENTED BUSH HEN (many) - Jonathan Munro et al.20/1/12. At my house near Ravenshoe. Unusually high numbers of birds seen and heard and a nest located with 10 eggs very close to my house
at 1,100 metres elevation.
BAILLONS CRAKE (2) Jonathan Munro et al.14/1/12. One bird observed being harrassed by Comb-crested Jacana at a swamp near Ravenshoe and another seen around the lagoon/swamp in my garden. Many photographs.
BROWN QUAIL - NORTON GILL,4/2/12 (4:00 pm) - Working the tables with Peaceful Dove’s. The
Coffee Club, The Esplanade Cairns.


LITTLE KINGFISHER - Norton Gill.31/01/12. 9:10am. 36 Water Street Cairns. This bird was seen by
myself in John and Sue Mitchell’s Alfa Services work shop. Flew in and landed on the rafters. I asked John if he had seen it before, he said it comes in quite often plus other Honeyeaters. Maybe he is looking for an apprenticeship
COTTON PYGMY GOOSE - Jenn Muir28/1/12 (1030) - 2 (possibly more) mixed with Green Pygmy-goose on main lake (lake with bird hides) at Cattana Wetlands.
GREAT-BILLED HERON- Brian Venables,30/1/12 -07:14 - Centenary Lakes . Saltwater Creek - Saltwater lake -  the bird flew down the creek to the junction of Lily and Saltwater Creeks.
LITTLE KINGFISHER - still in the Freshwater Lake.
COTTON PYGMY GOOSE (Pair) - Frank Harrison & Darren Phillips,29/1/12 - Hasties Swamp
TORRESIAN CROW (3) - Frank & Di Harrison,27/1/12 - Croc farm car park gate.
COTTON PYGMY GOOSE (2) - Mal Macdonald,23/1/12, 1610 hrs, old Montalbion township dam (well signposted), along Herberton to Petford Rd. A male & female. In company with hardhead and black ducks & grey teal.
CASSOWARY - John Seale/Brian ??,24/1/12 - A young bird, maybe last season's young, Walking along the track to Stony Creek swimming hole just as the track levels out after the rocky climb. The track starts at the very end of Stoney Creek Rd, Kamerunga.
LITTLE KINGFISHER - Brian Venables ,22/1/2012 - (06:10).Freshwater Lake (Centenary Lakes) My previous record for this species at this location was 12/10/2011.
(Ed. This seems that they have bred and returned to the Lakes. Good news for non-local birders))
LITTLE EAGLE (1) 22.1.12 - Mal MacdonaldWolfram Camp Rd, near corner of Fabris Rd, 1600 hrs. Riding air currents in front of thunder storm in company with whistling & black kites.
BANDED LAPWING (2) 22.1.12 - Mal Macdonald,Dimbulah to Mareeba Rd, near Borzi Rd intersection, 1815 hrs. On the roadside verge by the driveway to rural lot No. 2576. Fifty metres from last sighting.
RED-NECKED CRAKE - Ron Hill., 20/1/12 (9.00am) - Single bird foraging in our garden in Kewarra
COMB-CRESTED JACANA - Brian Venables.20/1/2012 - (8:10 -Centenary Lakes/Freshwater Lakes - My first ever record of this species in this location notwithstanding credible records in years past.
TAWNY FROGMOUTH (1) - Barbara Warren,20/1/12 Pleasant Close, Mareeba
MAGPIE GOOSE (nest) - Brian Venables.On the floating vegetation (western side) in the Freshwater Lake - a trio of birds is nest building - It will be interesting if it goes full term and we eventually have goslings.
(I will alert the Botanic Gardens management to ensure it is not disturbed.)
RUFF (1) - Graham Snell.,16/1/2012 (10:57) - One female bird north of Kurramine Beach boat ramp near Innisfail.
ORIENTAL CUCKOO - Norton Gill (and others?),15/1/12 - Leafgold Weir, Walsh river, 5km west of Dimbulah.
BROWN QUAIL (2) - Brian Venables.13/1/2012 (0730) - Bushland alongside Fearnley St. drain opposite
Ambulance Station in Anderson St. Interesting to me because I've not seen this species around Cairns for some years and this is the second time in a week I've seen them in the same place.
(Ed. I have heard and seen Brown Quail at fence around Machan's Beach airport approach and also in the last paddock on the right at the end of Tingira St, Portsmith.
PAPUAN FROGMOUTH - 2 nests have been found in the Collins Ave (Botanic gdns/Lakes) vicinity, maybe explaining our lack of recent sightings.
9/1/12 Little Mulgrave Valley, Gordonvale. 1st ever sighting here
NANKEEN NIGHT HERON (3) - Barbara Warren,5/1/12 Pleasant Close, Mareeba
GREAT-BILLED HERON - Brian Venables,7/1/2012 - 07:03 - Airport boardwalk carpark one bird flying over.
CHESTNUT RAIL - ???,OCT 2011 - Taylor Point (twixt Kewarra and Trinity Beaches), Cairns
with photos taken. I have only just learnt about this sighting. There was a prev sighting at lake Tinnaroo about 2 yrs ago. (It was reported on eremaea, apparently).


WHITE-STREAKED H/E- Harvey Rich . January 1998. While living on a
bush block on the Gillies highway some five kilometres out of Gordonvale.This honeyeater was attracted to a flowering Callistomen and stayed around the house for a week. It went away and returned for
a short time a few weeks later. Also BANDED H/E.
LITTLE BITTERN - Cairns Birding et al,30/12/11 - Wright's Creek crocodile farm, 15km south of Cairns (not open to the public)
BANDED LAPWING (1) - 01.01.2012 - Mal Macdonald. Dimbulah Rd, 100 metres west of Borzi Rd intersection (24 km west of Mareeba), right hand side, grassy road verge adjacent to farm dam
and Telecom exchange. I believe this and others (up to 10) have probably taken up residence in between the rows Pongamia pinnata diesel trees. Were previously residing on the sugar cane farm across the road, but the growing cane has crowded them out. Also both whistling ducks, bustard, both cranes, red-backed kingfisher and pratincole all appear at times in and around the Pongamia. Worth a quick stop if passing.

As an appendage to the Pied Monarch sighting mw: I was there on
Christmas Day (lovely & quiet, no-one else around all morning) and
saw the Rufous Fantail sitting on her nest. Also watched a pair of
Pied Monarchs feeding two very young, presumably newly fledged
chicks. All four were all in trees across the road from the Curtain
Fig entrance. The young kept fluffing up as they called to be fed.
(Ellen Terrell)


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