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Friday, December 31, 2004


2004 archives


BARN SWALLOW (14+) from J and C Carpenter (via J Seale)
17/12/04 Newell Beach 5 on beach road, 14 second street back (as phoned to me). Maybe they are still there. Still there on 3/1/05 (J Seale)
WOOD SANDPIPER (2) Alan Gillanders 21/12/04 Hasties Swamp
RADJAH SHELDUCK (5) - John Seale 21/12/04 Smithfield STW, end of McGregor Rd East
PIED HERON - John Crowhurst and Mark Jagusch 19/12/04 lake-golf course Yorkeys Knob
PIED HERON John Seale 18/12/04 East McGregor Rd, Smithfield STW past YAPS
LITTLE CURLEW (2) Alan Gillanders (A.G.) Ploughed Field, Kaban
AUSTRALIAN PRATINCOLE - John Seale 08/12/94 - Soil paddock on Nth side France Rd Edmonton
ORIENTAL CUCKOO - Chris Dahlberg 6/12/04 - Windy Reach, Daintree River
YELLOW WAGTAIL (1) - Harry Cassidy (HC) 4/12/04 - Smithfield Treatment Works, end of McGregor Road past YAPS.
LITTLE CURLEW (4) - Nick Bonomo 1/12/04 - France Road, grassy paddocks past the turf
AUSTRALIAN PRATINCOLE - Nick Bonomo 1/12/04 - France Road, grassy paddocks past the turf farm
Beach Thicknee (2), Andy Anderson, 2/12/04. Mid-esplanade; flew to airport 0600hrs.

BUFF-BREASTED PARADISE KINGFISHER (pair at nest-site), 28/11/04. Hungarian couple,
ORIENTAL CUCKOO, Jonathan Munro, 26/11/04. Cairns Airport Access Rd.
YELLOW WAGTAIL, Jonathan Munro, 14/11/04, Yorkey's Knob Lagoon.
BARN SWALLOW, Jonathan Munro, 14/11/04, Yorkey's Knob Lagoon.
BARN SWALLOW (10) - from Nick Bonomo 14/11/04 - Newell Beach, Mossman
YELLOW WAGTAIL, Jonathan Munro, 11/11/04, Lake Mitchell.
BUFF-BREASTED PARADISE KINGFISHER, Ben blewitt, 11/11/04, Kingfisher Park.
BUFF-BREASTED PARADISE KINGFISHER, Ron Stannard, 10/11/04, Kingfisher Park, almost 2 wks later than usual.
FRECKLED DUCK, Jonathan Munro et al.07 / 11 / 04. Drake on lagoon near Ravenshoe.
LITTLE CURLEW (-), Barry Collins (UK Birder) per John Seale 7/11/04. France Rd, Edmonton. Not on the turf farm but in the cattle paddock further up the road on the north side.

Cassowary, adult male and 4 chicks daily at Cass House since Oct 29.
BLACK-BREASTED BUZZARD, Jonathan Munro et al.23 / 10 /04.Near Ravenshoe.
ASIAN DOWITCHER Nick Bonomo, Cairns Esplanade, from last week in October - still there as of 2 Nov.

Broadbilled Sandpipoer (2), John Crowhurst, Cairns Esplanade, mid-Oct, - one bird still there 2 Nov.
Black Bittern, Centenary Lakes, 25th Oct - Brian Venables.
Black Bittern, Kewarra Resort, 17 Oct - Tropical Bird Club outing.
Emu (5), Jonathan Munro et al.11 /10 / 04.Near Ravenshoe.
Australian Pratincole,(20+), Jonathan Munro et al.10 / 10 / 04.Near Kairi.
ORIENTAL PRATINCOLE (2) Jonathan Munro et al.10 / 10 / 04.Near Kairi.

EMU, Jonathan Munro et al.04/10/04.Near Ravenshoe.
MASKED OWLS (4),Jonathan Munro et al.4/10/04. Near Ravenshoe. Large female mantling Long-nosed Bandicoot kill. Three smaller males nearby.
MANGROVE ROBIN, Jonathan Munro et al.16/10/04. Single bird observed on Daintree River from Dan Irby's boat.
GREAT-BILLED HERONS (4), Jonathan Munro et al.16/10/04. Daintree River from Dan Irby's boat.
BLACK-BREASTED BUZZARD, Jonathan Munro et al.23/10/04. Near Ravenshoe.
MASKED OWL, Jonathan Munro et al.27/10/04. Large female near Ravenshoe.

BUFF-BREASTED BUTTONQUAIL (2), Martin Cachard & Adam Arnold, Mt Mulligan, end of Sept.
Grey Plover (1), Andy Anderson & others, Esplanade, 29th Sept.
Beach Thicknee (1), Andy Anderson, skulking beneath mangroves N end Esplanade, early morning, 23 Sept.

REDSHANK, N end of Esplanade, mid-August, seen & photoed by visiting birder - per John Crowhurst.
Black Bittern, creek by Dunne Rd roundabout, 11th August - Andy Anderson & NZ bird group.


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